Falling for Fall


I am literally jumping up and down with excitement because in just a few short hours my parents will be here for the first time visiting. And what better time than Fall? 
My mom and I share an affinity for the outdoors and nature, so I cannot wait to hear how much she loves it!
So on that note, I'm leaving you with my "Fall Bucket List" for this year. 
Many of these things we have never done and I'm excited to partake in my first actual Fall.

What is on your Fall bucket list?
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  1. We just moved to New York this past Summer, and I am so excited about Fall! Plus the weather in our neck of the woods has been perfect for the last few weeks! I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing New York's peak foliage!

  2. Yay parents are visiting!! Love all these fall things and that you get to experience them for the first time, you'll love them!

  3. Those all sound amazing, can I just borrow your list for myself?!? I did watch Hocus Pocus last weekend, yeah for October!

  4. Pumpkin seeds are my favorite... I'm basically addicted. :) I need to finally roast some.

  5. TOTALLY forgot hocus pocus on my list! that's a great one!