A Golden Birthday for a Golden Gal


Have you met my "Blate Bestie" Adriana? Well if you haven't you better run on over and meet this gal who constantly has me laughing.

The thing is, she's having her Golden birthday this year, 25 on the 25th! Since my Golden birthday was when I was 3...I'm living vicariously through Adriana. And guess what she's doing for HER birthday? That's right, she's wanting to give YOU a gift. I'm telling you she is awesome-sauce!

Where do you come in? Just check out these fab bloggers below and you could win these golden goodies that easy! Now really, why wouldn't you?

adriana // casey // tori // sarah // kelly // kate // allie // danae

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1 comment:

  1. i have that golden chevron washi tape! actually, i have a huge box of washi tape; my friend sells them and i always raid her stash.

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