Anniversary Adventure: Watkins Glen State Park


On our way back to Albany, we stopped by to see Watkins Glen State Park. It was rainy and cold, but even under the conditions it was beautiful. It was only the 2358976th time I had kicked myself for forgetting the DSLR. We were also thankful for the weather because it was deserted and a perfect romantic adventure for two. 

The biggest attraction to the State Park is the 400 foot Gorge carved into the mountains by the once small Glen Creek. Over time this tiny creek has expanded into 19 waterfalls surrounded by soft shale rock and carved plateaus. 

The hike was a little over 1.5 miles but filled with hours of beautiful scenery. We even found "Lovers Lane" which gave a high rise view of the gorge. All the beauty that surrounded us reminded us to take time to enjoy God's creations...especially marriage. 


  1. I'm so jealous! I want to come visit! :)) It looks stunning up there!

  2. So pretty, those pictures are amazing!!

  3. Watkins Glen is one of my favorite state parks. I didn't get there this year, but I will definitely be making the trip next year. Did you climb the stairs at the end?

  4. Love this, these photos are beautiful!