Anniversary Adventure: Wine & More Wine


Wow, what an amazing anniversary weekend we had in Western, NY.
We packed up the car early Saturday morning and made the 4 hour trek west to New York's wine country, also known as the Finger Lakes.

Who would have known that Upstate New York could provide great growing conditions for popular wines? Joe and I chose to visit wineries on the South West side of Seneca Lake. During our wine filled day we were only able to visit 4 of the 35 about a lot of wine!

Our first stop was Wagner's Vineyard, home of the famous "Niagara" white wine made from the ever so sweet Niagara grapes. These are grapes that use cold temperatures to ferment their extra residual sugars. This was a great first winery to start with, but the opposite of intimate. There were droves of tipsy individuals costume clad. We think the reason it was so packed was because it was incredibly cheap for lots of wine! $4 for 8 different wine tastings...awesome, but it made some individuals motives more clear. Yeah, yeah, call us wine snobs.

Our second stop on the wine trail was the Penguin Bay Winery. Slightly more intimate winery with gracious pours. Here, Joe and I found a wine we just had to have two bottles of. The 2012 Pinot Grigio was our favorite and reminded us of our favorite wine from our Bahamian honeymoon. 

Third Stop was to Chateau LaFayette Reneau which by far has the most spectacular view and according to Joe, Cab Sav. I'm more a white wine girl, so I leave the bold red's to the Mr. There was plenty of room in this winery and the staff was friendly and didn't rush the tasting. 

Fourth, and favorite winery was Atwater Estate Vineyards. Their Stone Bridge White house wine was a perfect wine that could be taken to any wine enthusiast for a house warming gift. Their prices were great, and the staff has a plethora of knowledge, enough to keep Joe's chemist brain swirling. Now that's a lot of knowledge! They even offered a hot mulled cider at the end of the tasting and I fell in love. Save the best for last right?

Check out this beauty...we were just driving along minding our own business and BAM out of nowhere this beautiful waterfall is just smack dab on the side of the this real life? beautiful I made Joe pull over so I could hop out and snag a less than professional iPhone pic. Yes, I sadly forgot my camera so all pictures are compliments of my outdated iPhone camera. Thanks for bearing with us.

Stay tuned for more anniversary weekend fun!


  1. I'm so jealous of your anniversary adventure! Wine always is a good choice.

  2. Your pics are stunning and I love the Penguin stop!

  3. Looks so fabulous! I can't wait to visit the North East! I've always wanted to, but never made it outside of NYC! :)

  4. It is really a beautiful state from one end to the other. Love the finger lakes wineries. Next time you're around give Bully Hill a shot :)