It really is ok...


It really is ok that:

I still feel like a "newb" at this whole winter thing. I can't seem to figure out the whole dress in a parka but when you step inside you become a hot sweaty mess and no I don't want my coat sitting in the germ filled cart. You read that all in one breath right?

It's ok that I still will just stop and think...whoa I LIVE in New York. My car has a New York licensee plate. I LIVE in New York...more reasons I'm still a "newb"

I have a different scent/scentsy/candle burning in each room...fall scent overload.

I strongly dislike the new iPhone update...yes I know, I'm beyond the times at this point.

It's ok that I think its wrong to have "Black Friday" start at 6pm Thursday...right? Madness. But once again we shall be participating...we actually need a new TV this year.

It's ok to have bad days at work, but not ok to dwell on them...why can't I listen to my own advice?

And it's really ok that all of this came to me while walking in the Walmart parking lot.

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  1. Hahaha, I love this. So cute! Good luck on Black Friday! =)

  2. Hence why I don't live any further north than I do. Wearing any type of coat is depressing enough, thank you!

  3. you are living my dream by living in NYC!! =D
    I totally can't get over that stores are opening on Thanksgiving day. It was bound to happen I suppose that it's here...I just cannot get over it. I just saw on the news people already lining up over the weekend...camping out...already missing out on Thanksgiving. And what about work? haha...


  4. It's so hard to leave the bad day at work at work... Why does it allows follow you home? I get that too. Chocolate usually helps though :)

  5. getting used to cold weather was the hardest part of adjusting after leaving Houston! Course you get worse cold weather where you are than I do in Oklahoma.

  6. Cute post idea. I feel you on the whole sweating the moment you step inside thing! Happens to me every morning as the coffee warms me from the inside and the blaring heat and butt warmers warm me from the outside. Heat overload and then I am sweating….


  7. Urghh getting used to the cold is not my favourite thing about life right now. Except I either keep my coat on or do crunches every 25 minutes to keep warm because we only turn our heating on in the evening ;)

  8. I am definitely still a newb and haven't really realized that I'm living in the 12th largest city. But NY is way cooler haha.

  9. Oh girl, I'm a total dweller. And it's something that I don't love about myself because I tend to dwell… ON THE BAD. Times I felt like I didn't do the right thing, frustrating moments at work or home or online, words that weren't meant maliciously but felt it… Dwell, dwell, dwell. And while I feel like I'm learning how to get over it an eensy bit by eensy bit, I'm still so stuck in it. ALSO, I live in southern California where we hardly have winter and EVERY year I feel unprepared without fail. EVERY YEAR.