A Christmas Poem from our family to yours


This year was quiet, just the two of us.
Not grand production, nothing close to a fuss.
We soaked in the feelings of Christmas' true meaning,
And sat by the tree, sparkling lights gleaming.

Often the truth of Christmas becomes misplaced
Jesus' birth, presents and Santa have become interlaced
A Son was born for the one purpose to save you and me,
He is who we reflected on while sitting by the tree.

Our Christmas was so small and quaint,
It burned a desire in our hearts to attempt to emulate a saint.
The quietness helped us to remember that cold and starry night,
And reminded us to never let His holiness out of our sight.

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and truly see the reason for the season.
Do know the true meaning of Christmas? If not,
 I urge you to shoot me an e-mail and I'd love to tell you all about the magic of this season.
Gives me chills just thinking of it.

With His love,
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