The year of the Aslans


This year was my first to the blogging community and I have absolutely loved the incredible women I have met, and I have loved having an outlet for my thoughts. Lisette posted her 10 most popular posts and I thought it was such a grand idea, I thought I'd be a CC (copy cat) hope she doesn't mind!

Today I give you my most popular posts from 2013.
We hope you enjoy and that you will join us in the new year for 2014. Dream to make it better than the last!

5th Most Popular Post of 2013// Why I'm running 13.1 Miles
My motivation for running 13.1 miles is my motivation for most things in my life! 

4th Most Popular Post of 2013// It all Started with an Old Astro Van
Because we should all name our cars…right?

3rd Most Popular Post of 2013// DIY Pallet Shelf
Because everyone loves an upcycled pallet!

2nd Most Popular Post of 2013// DIY Mason Jar Terrarium
You can do just about anything with a mason jar.

Most Popular Post of 2013// Recipe for a Happy Marriage
Recipes are easy to understand and care for, so marriages should be the same right? I'll let you be that judge.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Cheers not Jeers New Years style. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Never participated in Cheers not Jeers? I challenge you to start you 2014 off right by spreading a little cheer around the blogging community.
P.S. happy birthday to my sweet Momma! Love you!
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  1. Love your sweet blog! :) Happy New Year!

  2. Love ! So glad you are int he blogging community! :) Have a wonderful new year! hopefully I'll get to join in with cheers nor jeers!