Why I ugly cried on Christmas


Yes it's true…I ugly cried on Christmas.
It was a bittersweet/happy/sad/Joe knows how to make me cry with presents type of cry.

Let's back up for a second. As I believe I have mentioned in the past, Joe is a phenomenal gift giver. Buttttt, his main goal is to ALWAYS see me cry. Which I think is funny.
Most guys may take the "there, there" approach…but Joe embraces it all. And no, he doesn't just pat me on the head.

Well ladies and gents, he got this gal to ugly cry this Christmas and I know he was pleased.

As I have rambled multiple times over, this Christmas was just the two of us, which went really well. Joe knew how nervous I was about spending my first Christmas away from home and capitalized on it. Underneath the tree was a case of my favorite wine (just an added bonus), but in the midst of the wine bottles there were cards from all of my family members inside of the box. Each card was addressed to me with everyone's personal touch and handwriting. Some where handmade, others were 100% hand selected by their author which meant so much. 

The last card I opened was from my dad and immediately start bawling. This card was perfect and said so much. I have a true soft spot for my Daddy in my heart. Don't get me wrong, my Mom is my best friend, but I have always been a Daddy's girl. Seeing his handwriting on a day I was missing him and my family the most was just simply overwhelming. It was as close to being together as possible and I am so thankful for a silly husband who not only thrives on getting the most amazing gifts, but knows just how to warm my heart.

So my favorite gift this Christmas was simply my family's handwriting. It meant the world to me!
What was your favorite gift?

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  1. IC and I gave each other a weekend in Tasmania for Christmas, so I'm really excited about that. And my sister in law gave me a kumquat tree which is lovely.

  2. ohhhhhhhh my gosh! that is precious!

    my husband's goal is to always make me cry with presents too! ha!

  3. So your hubby is a really great gift giver … A whole Case of wine?!! And a personalized card from all of your family members he sure did great!! I don't really think I have a favorite gift, just being with my family was great - even if I get overwhelmed with the numerous celebrations I just remember how blessed I am that I can be surrounded by everyone!

  4. So, so sweet. :) I was very close with my dad too (he died 7 years ago). I still love seeing his handwriting, too. :)

  5. Wow. What a priceless gift. I mean really... you just can't put a price tag on such sentiment. I love this!!