Hooray, it's today…again!


If we were having coffee today…

//I'd tell you that I just CAN'T do hot coffee if it's from Dunkin and I can't do iced coffee if it's from Starbucks.
//I'd tell you I'm attending a terrarium designing class this week, and I couldn't be more excited.
//We would discuss my love for the new "Oxblood" trend…no it's not gross, check it out.
//I'd ask you if you knew what the word "Poiema" meant, and then I'd tell you of the amazing knowledge I gained from amazing women this weekend.
// I'd tell you I can't wait for Spring to be here…the end.
// I'd share with you that I'm missing home, but couldn't be happier with who I've become in this short year, and that I can't wait to see what else comes my way.

What would you share?


  1. I am soo with you - I am ready for Spring!!! My nails are already hot pink. They don't really blend in well with these dark fall colors :)

  2. Oh springtime....I just don't think it could get here fast enough!

  3. //I'd tell you that I'm an anxious mess about the house.
    //I'd ask you for help picking out a living room rug.
    //I'd talk to you about my desire to find a new job and what I'm looking for.
    //I'd tell you how great the weather was this weekend, but how excited I am that it's going to snow tonight. :)
    //I'd tell you that we should meet somewhere for hot tea and skip coffee.
    //I'd also come to your terrarium design class and we could laugh and have fun the whole time.
    //I'd probably scratch meeting for tea and just have you over for dessert.:)

  4. I'd tell you that I'd give anything to be in Albany right now!

  5. I'd tell you that my office is FREEZING and it is like 20 degrees warmer in the bathroom, and therefore I have gone to the bathroom a lot today. And then just stood in there staring at myself in the mirror.

  6. Hahahah... I'm the same way about pop as you are about coffee... I can only do Coke but I can also only do Cherry Pepsi. It's bizarre!

  7. I'd tell you I can't wait to plan my trip up north to see you this spring/summer so we can get some iced Dunkin coffee togethe