Oh Tonight, We're gonna Set the World on Fire


Well howdy there folks! Happy Monday! As the hubby is off work, I'm going to stay off the computer and spend a little time with him, and away from the keyboard. 

I did want to share with you a little gem from the night of my birthday. I will tell you, one of the things that had me swooning over Joe was that he was an amazing dancer/ two-stepper. As in all the girls wanted a chance to dance with him. Since it was my birthday, I convinced him to twirl me around the living room and capture it. Enjoy! And don't mind Star Wars in the background.
Like the song? Do you know the amazingness (yes that's a word) of Josh Abbott? No?
Google She's Like Texas…SWOON! 

Today I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who joined the Cheers not Jeers link up last week!
As promised Random number generator selected a number to correspond to the post in the link up that has been chosen to be featured as the newest "Upstate NY" ad.

The number was random 1-6 (I took our post out of the running) and the winner is: Kate @ A Drawer Full of Stuff


  1. Aww! My heart melted watching that... you two are such great dancers! Nothing better than being twirled around the living room floor :)

  2. You guys are adorable! Love that he twirled you around...and that Star Wars is on in the background..cause that's pretty much our house haha

  3. Good choice! I decided to step away from the computer yesterday and spend the day with my fiance after the google fact that I saw about computer users spending more time touching the key board than their spouse. It felt good!

  4. Awwww very nice! Kudos to him for dancing for the camera :D

  5. SO adorable!! You guys really know what you're doing! I want to learn so bad! =)

  6. I was sitting at my computer smiling at the screen the whole time! So cute!!!

  7. This was the first thing I watched today and loved it! You and Joe are too stinkin' cute!! xo