Why is it that we want, and want, and want, long for, then want more? I'm referencing all walks of life

Wants for…
More money
Longer hair
Smaller waist line
More friends
A bigger following (blog related)
A house
More possessions (clothes, makeup, shoes)

Always a want…

I strongly believe that wanting more in life can be empowering, and lead to successes in life. But are we wanting the right things?

What if we wanted for
Less negativity
Bigger blessings
Less poverty
Less sadness or tears
More healthy
More selflessness 
More volunteering

These are the things that will really fill the voids in our lives. They will make our wants much more empowering and fulfilling rather than starving for more. 

I am 110% guilty of wanting everything in the first list and I know I should long for the second list. Here's to finding peace in not having the possessions or looks that bring only temporary satisfaction but to longing for the wants that will bring lasting impressions to those around us. 

I recently came across a beautiful verse highlighted on another bloggers page and it spoke volumes to me. 
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  1. I've really been striving to want less over the past few months, and let me tell you, I'm MUCH happier and more thankful than ever for all the blessings I do have! It truly works wonders to accept where you are in life, in all aspects, and truly enjoy what God has done for you exactly where you are.

  2. This is so true. I'm struggling right now, because we're in the process of buying a house and I keep having to remind myself that we need to just pray and ask that the right house be available and that we be able to know the right house and situation when we find it. Lately, I've tried to be more thankful when talking to God versus Hey, I need this, BTW. :)

  3. I am so glad you posted this. Def been a struggle lately. Like Madi, we are in the process of buying a house, and it is incredibly annoying and frustrating. Then I feel like such a jerk....I should be thankful that we are even ABLE to buy a house.

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this Casey! In a world that constantly asks for more, we are told to be content!


  5. Hey dear!
    Just came across your blog and was fascinated by your super cute design!
    I like this post here, its so often that people forget to think about those things which REALLY matter in life... its important to remember us again and again how lucky we are.
    Come along my blog if you like :)

    Lots of love from Germany!

  6. so - so good.
    everything i needed to read today.
    & this part ..." but to longing for the wants that will bring lasting impressions to those around us."
    yes, absolutely hands down yes.
    Jesus was such a perfect example in all areas - and His selflessness, His desire to see the right things changed is what makes a lasting impression.
    Great thoughts Casey!

  7. This was SO needed today, especially with all the stress of moving on my plate. Thank you for your wonderful, spiritual perspective :)

    I'm your newest follower via both GFC and Bloglovin'!

  8. I just wrote in my journal during bible study last week that if I could approach others like Jesus did, wondering how I can love them selflessly instead of how I can consume them selfishly... I never once applied it to how I treat myself. And yet, what a wonder that would be.