Oh yes, you read that right. Casey's blog has been hijacked for today. No more discussions about how to make salads in mason jars. No more sensitive and sweet two-stepping videos. No more cheering instead of jeering other bloggers, vloggers, posters, or readers. No more crafting and showing pictures from pinterest.

No ma'am. This post will only be for the most masculine of readers. It is going to be so masculine, that this post will supercede the speech Leonidas gives to his 300 before a battle. It will be so manly, you will want lift weights or maybe fight a bear. You might even grow facial hair right after reading this post! 

So what, might you ask, is this topic so thrilling that caused Casey's husband to hijack her defenseless blog? The topic is about how much I love that woman.
I know...disappointment. All that build-up for a subject as flimsy as love. Ugh. 

But if I don't appeal to the audience she has grown over the year, then I wouldn't want to be held responsible for turning you all away. I might be in the dog house....and we don't want that now do we.

So what would cause a hero like myself, to succumb to something so foolish as love? Let's take a moment to look at the damsel who captivated me.

It all started with a gaze. I noticed Casey was wearing a green dress, over a red colored wooden deck, and thought how complimentary my favorite color was, to the support system we were standing on. You see, we were at a "mixer" for our sorority/fraternity groups, called speed-dating, and it was almost my turn to sit in front of this gem. When the bell rang, I moved across from her, and noticed how her blue eyes complimented the gold Sigma Chi cross behind but above her head. Fascinating...before she even uttered a word, I had already noticed that she wore 2 of my favorite colors, but that those colors had coincidentally matched our surroundings.

Then she spoke.

I was silenced by how graceful her presence felt. I could see the third thing she wore was both complimentary to me, but also matched what I have been looking for my whole life. I saw a woman who was wearing the grace of God.

It's a funny thing to watch a giant stumble to his knees from something gentle, like a breeze. But what seems to have came from nowhere, struck me at just the perfect angle where no matter how guarded I was from my dark past, I crumbled in surrender. This is what she wears that to this day that still makes her so beautiful to me.

From the moment I kiss her goodbye in the morning, when she is still in bed, with her right foot sticking out from under the covers, both of her hands touching both of her shoulders, with hair matted against her face, and her mouth wide open, I can see God's presence in that little present he put before me.

When she comes home from a hard day of work, buries her head in my chest, and I can smell the cat litter from the cat shelter she volunteered at, mixed with the smell of old people that she spent her whole day trying to prolong their life for a few more moments, mingled with stress from trying to make others happy, with leftover smells from the meals she just cooked for other people, that is when I can smell the grace of God, and it reminds me of how caring and thoughtful my wife is.

Even when she is not around, and I notice how decorative our apartment looks, how clean she tries to keep things, how our fridge is filled with good food that I didn't ask for because she knows just what I like, I can see the grace of God that she wears, and wherever she goes it leaves a mark of both hers and His presence.

Without her, my life was dim, grim, and filled with regret over my past mistakes. I was consumed with praying I could travel back in time, to un-do not just my mistakes, but reverse the damage I caused to the people I cared about along the way.

Once God allowed me to meet her, I felt alive again. I could see His light through her and it felt like I had consolation for the past, comfort for the present, and hope for the future.

Casey has given me a love worth fighting for. She knows who I am. She knows all of my secrets. She knows how I work and even though she sees me, she doesn't feel the need to change me. That is a love that makes me stronger, more content, and thankful for what God has done in my life.

Sorry that none of you get to have that. Lol...J/k.

But seriously, enough of this nonsense! This is a post about warriors! This post is about the adrenaline a lion feels before the hunt! This post is about dressing up like a lumberjack and chopping trees down with your bare hands!

But it is also about how easily Casey can captivate my attention.

I love you Casey, and I will always fight for you. Thank you for everything you do, for me and for others. But most of all, thank you for following God and keeping him in the center of your life. It is only through His grace we can overcome all obstacles together.

I hope you enjoy this Valentine's day. I Love you.

P. S. I wrote this today because you will be around next weekend and see it so I can't be sneaky then, and I won't be in town the weekend after that, and this weekend is the only time I could write in private and surprise you with it. Enjoy!

Hijacker out


  1. Joe this was the sweetest thing ever!! And now all the single ladies are going to ask if you have brothers ;-)
    Casey you are a lucky lady xo

  2. Well done Joe! It's beautiful that you made a point to emphasize the truly important traits :D

  3. Absolutely precious! Such a gem to have forever! I love y'all's love for each other :). And that Joe hijacked your blog. Seriously, absolutely precious.

  4. Ladies, he does have brothers! ;) I just died a little bit!! Casey please give him the biggest hug as a thank you from me for loving you do much! I love y'all! Xoxo

  5. Joseph Aslan, you make me smile. Thank you for loving our girl so much.
    We love you both!
    Momma and Papa

  6. Um, seriously, seriously precious. Mostly because love and lumberjacks are awesome and then putting them together in a single post makes precious wonderfulness. You two are lucky ducks. And it makes me so happy for you and for knowing you.