Iced Dark Roast with Cream Only…Please


My usual adventure to Starbucks goes a little like this inside my head…

"Oh gosh, what size is medium? Tall? Grande? Tall has to be Taller than big? Oh gosh I forget is mine skinny? With Soy? I heard upside down makes it sweeter. Mocha or latte? One has chocolate….I think. Crap I still have yet to pick my size".

Then I hear audibly "Hi Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order"

As if I'm attempting to keep all of the thoughts from becoming tangible word vomit…"uhhhhhh" is all I can muster.

Hence this is why in our last coffee date I divulged to readers that I just stick to Dunkin.
"I'll have a medium iced coffee with cream".  BAM tangible word vomit eversion complete.
Now that I have ranted about all things #FirstWorldProblems, I have a mess of sorts swirling in my head so I thought I'd share with you.

Its far too cold to venture out for an actual coffee date with you today, so I'll stay here, sip on some tea, and hope that you're soaking up more vitamin D than I am today.

If we were having coffee today:
// I would throw in speaking of Vitamin D,  I went for my annual check up and my Vitamin D levels were incredibly low. So I promise it's not all in my whiney head. This Southerner is having sun withdrawal.
// I'd share with your I have been blog revived! I was able to participate in Happy Hour Hangout with two of my favorite bloggers where I was motivated with new blogging tips and tricks. Need a revival? You must check it out.
// I'd tell you that Joe and I have been bit by the house buying bug…BAAAAAD. We are wrestling with the idea of it all because housing is entirely different up North. And we have been advised by many, that owning a house for less than 5 years isn't finically savvy. And the fact that we are entertaining this idea FREAKS our family out that we  may be here another 5 years. Yikes!
// I'd tell you that I'm looking into going back to school…thing is, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
// I'd tell you that Casey (third person attacks) going back to school would mean no new house. We can't afford the bills or stress of both.
// So then I'd tell you that now I'm looking at renting houses because I'm over the apartment life and I really want an animal, flower bed and walls to paint. Can I get an amen?
// I'd share with you I'm doing some serious promotion of Simply Chemistry and some of you will be bugged by me soon!
// I'd share that I'm excited about tomorrow being Hump Day, because as always, its Cheers not Jeers!

Check out my newest adventure!


  1. I used to go to Starbucks every day and I still have trouble spouting out what I order... These days, I stick to brewing my own at home and drinking it black... Less complicated =)

  2. I hated going to Starbucks for the LONGEST time because I never knew what to order- and I would panic and order something I didn't even like.

    Happy Hour Hangout is definitely the best for a swift kick in the blog butt!!

    And the house buying's a real thing! We only started talking about it in December and are now well on our way to owning! Thankfully it was an easier choice for us because the market in Cleveland is still great for buyers, and we're not planning on going anywhere any time soon! But I'm with you- SO over apartment living, so even if we didn't buy this year- I did not want to stay in our apartment.

  3. Hahaha! I worked at Starbucks, and you're not the only one with trouble. :)

    I'm interested in this Happy Hour Hangout thing... I am needing some inspiration... I'm wondering why I didn't get the memo you were doing it this month. ;)

    I don't blame you for the house buying bug... but I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart. It's so stressful I think I'm going to die before Friday. Come visit me and get your vitamin D!

  4. Dunkin coffee is way better than Starbucks anyways! I want a house too wahhhh

  5. Some days I feel like I'm over apartment life, too. Johnny Cakes doesn't go outside though so I don't really feel like we need a yard. And neither of us are outdoorsy. But mannnn do I wish I could not hear my neighbors taking their morning piss.

  6. Amen to a pet, flower beds and walls to paint! When I can tick off all three, I'll feel like I've made it in life ;)

  7. i feel pressure every time i go to starbucks, any coffee place for that matter. it's like i think there will be something new or the entire menus has changed from the week before and it hasn't and i still end up getting the same thing every time!

  8. I wish we were having coffee today because I would like to chat with you in real time. :)