It's all the groundhog's fault


Grab your ear plugs folks because it's about to get whiney. If you're over complaints about the weather, just pass right on by me today. But I feel as if a vent sesh may take away the snow blues.

Now don't get me wrong…the snow is BEAUTIFUL. Everything slows down, the silence is almost too much at times. It's beautiful when I get to sit on the couch all day snuggled up with a cup of tea in my hand and Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

But, and this is a big BUT, when I'm expected to haul it to work before the plows awake, it puts me more than a little on edge. Thank the good Lord for all wheel drive because I would be SOL without it.

8-10 inches of snow is forecasted to fall at rates up to 3 inches per hour. I'll tell you why this makes me a sweaty anxious mess. I work all weekend, as in 40 hours in 3 days, Joe isn't home to help dig me out of the snow, so I'm basically a heaping pile of damsel in distress.

Alas, since I have no choice, and I must be at work to save the world and this venting session will just have to do me. I will mention I have awesome coworkers who I am thankful to be "stuck" with. That, and I'll reminisce about a beautiful honeymoon in the Bahamas with a "Bahama Mamma" in my hand.

Now back to your normal adult, not so whiney programing.
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  1. You have a reason to complain. Yesterday was crazy! I can't imagine your drive to work!

  2. Oh, girl! I hear ya. We are in that terrible after snow phase where everything is dirty and slushy and cold but not pretty... It's awful. Be safe, and stay in an on call room if you need to... no reason to chance it.

  3. Ahhh those last few pictures look SO GOOD right now! (PS - where did you get that swimsuit cover up? Super cute!)
    Hang in there this weekend - I'll be thinking about your anxiety-filled, shoveling, whiney self as you make it through this storm - you have EVERY reason to be whining!

  4. We haven't had much snow here in Nashville, but everytime I speak with my parents in CT, I always get the "and we're getting another snowstorm." I am kind of glad I chose to move this year haha

  5. It's so funny that I saw your IG "no damsel in distress" post well before I saw this.

    Regardless, I, too, am WELL over the snow. Spring had my permission to commence, like, January 2.

  6. Hope you are safe and sound and thanks for being one of those people being awesome and saving lives:) Welcome to a true winter!

  7. I agree, the snow is beautiful but now when I need to get places in my two wheel drive. Those pictures from the Bahamas are beautiful, and so is your ring!