When living with a boy finally dawns on me


Growing up, my dad was the only "boy" who lived in our house (including the dogs) and I must say he was a tidy "boy".
In college I always had girl roommates (naturally) and while we could easily create a messy apartment, it was never "boy" worthy.

Weekly, if not daily I run into issues pieces of my sweet husband, that ever so lovingly remind me that I live with a B-O-Y.

Phantom handprints:
I know I live with a boy when, while cleaning the bathroom, I'm scrubbing the porcelain throne and look up to see outlines of hand prints on the wall. As in, if I were standing up while peeing and needed to brace myself against a nice wall, handprints.
As we can all assume I don't stand while using the restroom, it must the boy I live with.
And let's not get me started with how large the toilet bowl is, and the fact that said "stander upper" tends to "miss". Alright, enough.

Laundry mishaps:
I know I live with a boy when his white socks started turning off-white with a hue of blue from the denim jeans he was washing them with. Yep all clothes get washed together, no sorting.
Thankfully this boy's wife stepped in and his socks are back to pearly white. Thanks Clorox!

Measuring ladles:
I know I live with a boy when after a delicious crock pot meal has been simmering all day, my helpful husband serves the above soup with a measuring cup. No need to mention that we have multiple fully functioning ladles.

Rough and tough:
I know I live with a boy when I can no longer leave glass pieces or delicate anything within 2 inches of the end of a cabinet. I cannot count the number of things that have fallen off counters, entry tables, TV stands etc due to my burly husband and the space he needs to "burl" around.

King of large portions:
I know I live with a boy when I make a large dinner which should last us multiple meals and it only lasts as a dinner for two and his lunch the next day. Never mind the recipe states I will have 6 portions to go around. I have a hungry growing (muscles he says) man.

Does this ring a bell for anyone who has or does live with a boy? As I am 110% thankful for my man, goodness they are made differently! And you know what? Thats exactly how it was meant to be!

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  1. Amen to ALL of those girl! Another clue I live with a boy is he leaves dirty clothes everywhere. Even NEXT to the hamper. Sigh.

  2. Bahahaaha!

    "due to my burly husband and the space he needs to "burl" around" is the best quote of the day!

    Sean loves to leave socks and dishes around....but the funny thing is, related to your first point...I thought Sean peed sitting down for the longest time because he never left the seat up! At least for the first few years. No hand prints though.

  3. I think I lucked out on this one...my husband is cleaner than me and does a better job of tidying up and cleaning the apartment!!

    But I definitely notice that boys EAT SO MUCH!! We have weekly dinners with friends, and I normally double what I think I should make, and still barely have leftovers. They just don't stop.

  4. I have a male cousin that lives with us and I can relate to the food thing. Grocery that should last about a month, usually lasts about two weeks.

  5. Hahaha isn't that the truth??? I am very lucky that Tbone is very neat but he's still a guy!!!

  6. This is too funny! :) Jake is like Pig Pen! I randomly find hand prints on the walls, dirty socks left everywhere, misc things dirty stuffed places, and general disorder following him everywhere! It's unbelievable!

  7. I adore you blog very much & I would love it if you checked out my blog :D


  8. When we moved in together, I never made enough to eat. Because silly me, I was cooking for 2, not 6 ;)