When pictures are priceless


When planning our wedding budget I was given the advice to pick out the top 3 most important aspects of the wedding.
My top three aspects of the wedding were:

The Entertainment: We opted for a DJ who rocked classic rock music the entire evening and we couldn't have been happier.

Florals: I have dreams of designing florals for dreamy weddings one day so they had to be the best. Let's just say Joe calls me a "flower snob" which I accept graciously.

Most important though was the photographer. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted our wedding shots to look like. Stephanie of Stephanie Rose Photography, had the exact romantic style and feel I was looking for. I couldn't wait to see her work once the wedding was over.
Naturally, I'm always looking for great ways to showcase out wedding photos.

When Easy Canvas Prints asked me if I would like to review their company for an 8x10 canvas print, I jumped at the idea.  Canvas+My favorite wedding pictures= One happy woman!

One of the few wonderful things about Easy Canvas Prints, is the customer service is phenomenal. As I wanted to make sure my canvas would be perfect, I had plenty of questions and Stephanie of "Blogger Outreach" was nothing but patient and pleasant with my requests.

The canvas is heavy duty and beautiful quality. It can often be hard to print in such detail on small canvas, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Another small, but huge benefit is the bracket that comes already attached. I hadn't planned on receiving the canvas with one already in place, but I was excited to see such quality out of an online company.
Easy Canvas Prints wants to offer YOU 50% off of canvas prints for all readers. I'm telling you, they are wonderful to work with.

Easy Canvas Prints provided the 8x10 canvas free of charge in return for my thoughts and opinions which are solely my own. 
Have you checked out Simply Chemistry?


  1. What a beautiful wedding picture! :)

  2. I love canvas prints! I want to do this with a few of our wedding pictures!

  3. Canvas prints are so adorable! Especially yours! Making pictures a top priority was smart! I can't wait to use this advice one day!! (:

  4. Awesome! I got to review a canvas from them too, and I love mine! Wedding photography was by far the most important thing for me.