Come on New York, jump on the bandwagon


I'm hanging out with the ever so lovely Ashten and sharing with you all the things I miss about the good 'ol Lone Star State!

See it just can't quite compare. 
But again I won't complain because I pretty much love life up here for the time being!

Always Ashten

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  1. Yay! So exciting that you're going home soon. Have a great weekend!

  2. So excited you're coming back to Texas for a bit! I haven't been to Chuy's yet, but I've been seeing them. That stuffed avocado sounds amazing!

  3. Awesome vlog lady! The speed limit in Ohio is 55 too...though they did finally up that on the highways to 70 so that helps.

    And in Ohio we do cabrewing- which is also just floating down the river in a tube drinking beer. Oh man- is it summer yet???

  4. I heard we are getting a Sonic sometime soon, fingers crossed! I will admit that there aren't a lot of Mexican options around here - we went to one of the better rated Mexican place and it meh. We go tubing here! Try Lake George or some rivers in VT come summer time. :)

  5. Ahh this was too cute! Oh that speed limit would drive me nuts too, our highway is 65 and interstate is 75! Exciting that you are going to TX soon! We go tubing down our river and in the lake all the time in the summer!!