I have bad travel juju


I used to think Joe was just overly leery about traveling with me when we first got married.
He would make comments about his flights never being delayed until he married and traveled with me. Psssh yeah right, everyone always gets delayed at the airport.

Fact. Of. Life buddy.
I mean seriously I do a lot of flying in my life and I'd bet that 2/4 flights that I attempt are delayed and more recently cancelled. This is normal right?
Apparently not, according to my husband. And because of this conspiracy theory we have started a list of traveling mishaps with Casey.

How about the time:

Our flight leaving Albany was super delayed due to who knows what. We were forced to sprint literally 4 terminals to the next gate, where we had to beg on hands and knees for the stewardess to reopen the door to the plane. Talk about out of shape exertional angina…truth.

Or when the sudden trip home after our Rex passed away, was cancelled TWICE making us get home days later than expected. (This one was rough and full of angry tears)

Now yesterday's travel debacle was one for the books.
We had tickets to yesterday's showing of The Book of Mormon on Broadway at 2pm. We woke up at the crack of dawn to hop on a train down to the city, which was relatively painless.
Our plan was to meet up with friends in Brooklyn for brunch, which I crave on the daily from Harefield Road. We had a grand time at brunch with bottomless bloody marys, and we were set to make the trek back to Manhattan.
We left the restaurant at 12:30 giving us PLENTY of time to make it across town to Broadway for a show at 2.  Right?

As there is only one line out of Williamsburg we were forced to wait on a train for 20 minutes before they let us know a rail had been broken and emergency repairs would be mandatory before we could leave the station. So we did what any brilliant train hopper would do and jumped up the few blocks to the next stop. No. Such. Luck. Still delayed.

At this point its 1:10 and I'm beginning to wonder how the heck we will make it out of Brooklyn to Manhattan; remember hundreds of other people were thinking the same thing.
We hailed cab after cab with no success. Seriously 10 blocks with zero cabs?!
As of 1:30 we found a cab and asked him to book it to Broadway and 49th.
All obstacles you could ever imagine were in our way, traffic, construction, crazy people ETC!

Needless to say we made it to the play at 1:59. Found our seats and the show went on…phew.
And again my loving husband blames it on my travel juju which sadly I'm beginning to believe!

Have you ever had any crazy travel mishaps?

Have you met my newest adventure?


  1. Wow!! That is crazy! So glad you were able to make it in time. Did you enjoy the show? =)

  2. Traveling gives me some serious anxiety. I hate flying, and I hate not having definitive plans. When we took our trip back in November, we definitely hit some bumps because of traffic and it taking longer to fully charge the car than we had anticipated.

  3. That's crazy! I think Nick has really bad luck, like more than normal. But he takes it with stride.

  4. I married into the Bartlett family travelling curse. Fortunately it only seems to apply to cars breaking down, as all other transport seems to be okay ;) :) Hope you enjoyed the show!

  5. Hopefully your bad travel juju doesn't mess with our flights next week ;)