What they didn't teach me in nursing school


Nursing school was a daunting two years where I think I probably aged 10 years but learned skills for a lifetime.
I learned how to insert all sorts of inanimate objects into the body. Tubes, cannulas, catheters, needles galore!
You name it, I've done it.
They also taught us the act of therapeutic listening without the cliche "And how do you feel about that?"
We learned that when someone is sick they are not always there most polite version of themselves and to give them a little slack.
We learned about treatments to multitudes of diagnoses; signs, symptoms and all things vital in between.
We were taught to have a "nurses face". You know, when someone may have a metal rod sticking out of there head, you must nod like it's something you have seen everyday.

The list is innumerable. But you know what they didn't teach me?
The paradigm shift when someone in your life becomes sick.
Do you grieve? Do you show no emotion as you "see this all the time"? Do you ask the questions that you're supposed to know the answers to? Do you fear the worst because thats what you were trained to do? Do you have hope when you know things look pretty grim? Do you distance yourself because you just don't know what to do? Do you put down the proverbial nurses "hat" and be the daughter instead?

As I figure out the answers to these questions, I remain faithful that there is a plan and that I must cherish the time I have with my loved ones, as I urge you to do the same.

I do know one thing: Family ROCKS and Cancer SUCKS!

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  1. Ugh this just breaks my heart for so many reasons! When it's someone you love, all the rules go out the window. There's no right or wrong way to act or feel, and it's allowed to change from day to day. I love you!!

  2. You can be well trained at anything, but when it comes to family, anything you are taught is out the window. It becomes about so much more than what "you're supposed" to do and about what you feel. Thinking of you <3

  3. oh that last line is oh so true! praying for your sweet family!

  4. My mom struggled a lot with this when my grandpa was sick.There is no right answer. You need to feel the way you feel, and ask the questions you want the answers to. Above all, make sure that you and your family are getting what you need. I'm praying for your family.

  5. Ahh I love you and so happy you got to be home to hang out with your family this past week!! Prayers always because, yes, Cancer Sucks!!
    And I've often wondered this about nurses, how they deal when it hits close to home!?

  6. I couldnt agree with you more on the family rocks and cancer sucks. I've lost an aunt due to colon cancer. an uncle to throat cancer and my granddaddy 12 yrs ago this June 16 (which was father's day the day he died) of Lung cancer. sending you prayers and good thoughts.

    following you on twitter and blog. would love a follow back.


  7. This is a little weird, but this one: "We learned that when someone is sick they are not always there most polite version of themselves and to give them a little slack" almost made me cry. I'm so grateful for the nurses who took care of me, and I'm so grateful that they understood when I could not always put on a smile or be polite.

  8. I cannot imagine how to make the shift. I have not had to, and I pray I never have to. But, I am sure it gives you a new perspective as a nurse when you are with your patients than I have, because you have been on the other side. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers sent your way :)

  9. I totally agree! Thinking of you sweet friend!

  10. Just stumbled across your blog! Although I didn't go to nursing school, I can somewhat understand how you feel! Having someone you love being sick is one of the worst feelings in the world. I could not agree more about cherishing the time you have...

  11. Oh, cancer most definitely does suck. I agree with you there petal! Sending good thoughts and hugs to you and your family <3