How I'll survive if I'm the next Castaway


Living in the North East has totally thrown me out of my packing element. Because I am still wearing a winter coat, as my parents are sitting on their patio in 80 degree weather, and I'm expected to be in a swimsuit all next week while relaxing on the beach, I am suddenly out of my element.
Sorry for the lengthly run on. I'm a science nerd remember?

So as I sit here and stare at my suitcase I just have to laugh. At first glance someone may think I was moving again.
No, not moving, just prepared for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
It also doesn't help that I tend always overpack as if I'll be the next Castaway and by some miracle my luggage gets to stay with me.

To get an insight on the mass amount of things I just MUST bring, I'll give you the itinerary of my trip.
  • Fly from New York to Texas. 
New York, approximately 31 degrees at time of departure. Texas, at time of arrival 68 degrees.
Do you see my dilemma? Winter coat to the airport then quick change into tank and shorts? Oi!
  • Spend 4 days in Dallas with the family.
Average temperature while home 66 degrees to 81 degrees. HALLELUJAH! 
Wardrobe includes: jeans, as these legs have not seen a ray of Vitamin D since last summer. Also included are running shorts, t-shirts, tanks, long sleeves throw in my Northface just in case, sandals, wedges and Toms.
  • Head out to South Padre Island for beach week and wedding weekend!!
Average temperature while gloriously laying on the beach 72 degrees to 76 degrees. 
Wardrobe includes: swim suits, 5 to be exact even though I have only 3 beach day…options people. Cover-ups, shorts, tanks, flip flops, sun dresses, bridesmaid dress and mass amounts of sunscreen because of previously said white legs. 
  • Fly from Padre to New York
Average temperature when landing in Albany, 41 degrees. Time to bust out the North face, and dust the sand off my sandals. Back to reality, back to work and back to my life in the North East. 

Now can you only imagine how terrified I am that my luggage is basically guaranteed to be over the 50 pound limit. Now of course all items listed were mostly clothing. As any functioning woman I will also have a beauty supplies and undergarments to clothe a country. Plus sunglasses, purses galore and my camera of course.

Now if you're lucky, I'll bring you back a souvenir…
What are your packing must haves? 

Have you met my newest adventure?


  1. I frequently fly from Australia to New England which basically means going from one season to the opposite season. To handle the coat situation this is what I do: I layer A LOT. So to go to the airport in wintry melbourne I wear: a tank top, a long sleeve tea, a sweat shirt and a raincoat. It saves on my packing...

    My one thing I cannot travel without is a black skirt and also my chacos (sandals...) I cannot live without them.

  2. Just stopping by to tell you I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details are on my blog.