Through Sickness and Health


I can honestly say I was in the presence of the most patient woman in the world.
This past weekend while waiting to board the plane Texas bound, I was taken aback by the most selfless woman I have observed. (Let's be real, I was creeping hardcore!)

This woman was in her mid 70's and accompanied by her elderly husband who was brought to the terminal via wheelchair. As I'm diagnosing this man (nurse thing), it's obvious that he suffers from extreme demtnia.
As a bystander, I thought the man's repeated questions were painfully cute, but heart breaking at the same time. His short term memory lasted maybe 4 minutes before he would begin his series of questions over and over again. The man would ask where they were, what they were doing and when he would be leaving?

Never once did the wife lose her patience, or have a harsh tone with her husband.
After each question she would lovingly reply with the same answer as if this was his first time asking what flight they were catching. As a nosy  bystander I now know they were traveling to Seattle by way of Minneapolis. I know that his granddaughter is often his favorite person in his life and he was absolutely over the moon each time he was told he would be seeing her during their travels.

There were moments where you could hear the pain behind the husbands voice when he would realize this wasn't his first series of questions. He would then sit back and say "I'll just sit here and keep quiet". His wife never discouraged him from asking his questions, or talking all together. Instead she recalled the dinner party they had attended the evening prior and spoke of memories from the good 'ol days. She had nothing but grace in her voice.

I tried to put myself in her shoes and I couldn't imagine her daily routine and how it would be to see your strong, intelligent husband almost become infantile.
I know that God would never give me anything I couldn't handle, but I'm thankful for this woman who almost brought me to tears right there in the airport terminal.
You could see other passengers around us feel her endless patience; as they would observe with sympathetic eyes and often offer to help with any needs.

I can only hope that I am that wife for my husband. He deserves nothing less than my grace at all times, because today he is strong, intelligent and has his memory. I don't want to take any of those moments of health for granted. After all I vowed through sickness and health.

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  1. This post totally made me tear up. What a beautiful sentiment, and it says something about you that you stopped to not only notice, but to appreciate the actual manifestation of love between those two people. Stories like this give me hope. :)

  2. tears. literal tears. this womans patience is extending far beyond just that terminal, it is resonating with everyone you just shared her story with.

  3. I've witnessed marriages like this before, and I always pray that I will be able to be this kind of wife to my husband or mother to our children. Patience is something that's so hard some days, but it makes a world of difference to whomever you're with. :) Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I know that if you had to you would be the same patient wife to your husband.

  4. This is the best. It's a reminder even now to be patient :)

  5. Oh my gosh, Casey. This brought tears to my eyes. What a testament to what true love really is.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this sweet, sweet story!

  7. what a beautiful story! i'm glad you were a nosy bystander!! thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, what a sweet and beautiful moment to witness. Thus definitely brought tears to my eyes. I pray I too will grow into a wife with as much grace and patience.

  9. Just stumbled across your blog somehow on Twitter and you are adorable! This post nearly brought me to tears! What a sweet, patient woman! Excited to be your newest follower :)

  10. Wow I can't imagine how hard that must have been. What an amazing woman!!! Thanks for sharing that amazing experience!!

  11. Hi Casey – new ish reader here, and I just have to tell you I’ve got this post pinned and I frequently look back on it (like I did this morning) as a reminder to show grace to my husband at all times. Thank you for articulating this so beautifully, it’s like the Lord spoke this right to me through you. And Lord knows I can ALWAYS work on showing grace and patience… ;)