Northeastern "Newb"


So as part of this whole "transplant" 1800 miles away from the only town you have known for 24 years, it has come with some learning curves. Since we have been here almost a year and a half, I just knew I had gotten all of my rookie tendencies out of the way.
You haven't read of these rookie tendencies? Well be my guest and laugh along with us, in some of my very first posts on this space.

Lately some differences have surfaced in my life where I just have to laugh because I realize that I'm not kidding myself and I'm still just a "newb" up North.

Oh shucks
The other day I was at Walmart and was shocked to see trashcans lined up around the large bin which held mountains of ears of corn. Now I was puzzled as to why these trashcans were in front of the corn. Upon further inspection, they were filled with corn husks. Shucking corn has always been a task done at home…not around a communal trash can. I don't know about you, but I thought it was weird!

I will let you know that I hovered around this corn feeling awkward trying to capture someone shucking…you're welcome.

Oh yeah my favorite Broadway play of all time? Nope, definitely not.
Many, many, MANY use this word synonymously with "really", "very", "incredibly".

Example: "Oh yeah he's wicked smart".
Translation: "Jimmy is an incredibly intelligent man".
Pillow at our Boston hotel last weekend
I still haven't quite caught on to this yet…just feels awkward when it tries to fall out of my mouth

Nacho Who?
Last weekend I went to Fenway for my first Red Sox game! What a thrill and part of history that place is! I won't go all "Green Monstah" on you, but I will share with you a reoccurring theme when attending baseball games in the northeast.
Last summer we would attend games for the minor league in town and when I go to watch baseball, I crave nothing more than a huge mound of cheesy nachos covered in jalapeƱos.

Uh negative.  Not up here…anywhere.
I figured it was just a "rookie" mistake on the minor leagues part. But when Fenway looked at Joe like he was CRAY when ordering nachos at a ballpark, I knew we were in trouble. Needless to say it took Joe 30 minutes to track down a bag of Tostitos and a sorry excuse for a tub of cheese sans jalapeƱos. Who doesn't have nachos at a Red Sox game?!?!
What ballpark nachos SHOULD look like. 
Funny article about evolution of ballpark food in Dallas

Needless to say, I'm still being put in my place!
Are any of these things weird to you?
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A few words for my generation


If you're new to these parts you may not know that I have a fear of bringing tiny humans into this world. Biggest reason being, this world is a messed up place.
So today, I'm going to hop up onto a soap box that may be a little too large for me to conquer, but I want to be heard.

A few words for my fellow generation "Y/Millennials" friends peeps humans.

Knock, knock…hey…hey…HEY YOU!
Up here…no I am not Siri speaking to you from your phone.
Listen, I have a few words for ya. You know this little place called Earth that so graciously supports your weight?
Have you ever thought that it wasn't put here for you, and that you may need to start carrying your weight before this placed called Earth gets a little less "accommodating"?

I am in no way wise, but I have a few observations of tendencies that need to be squashed before we come of age to rule this world.
Call them tips, but I'd suggest you jump in and catch on.

Make eye contact and say hello
Take your eyes off the ground, or tech savvy device and look up into the world you're living in. Greet people in the store with a hello and make eye contact.
Oh? It feels weird? YES! Because we have stopped doing this.

Open doors (men and women) for anyone. Young, old, male or female, just do it!
This is common courtesy and not just for men who aren't afraid of Chivalry. Women, you too should be opening doors.
Don't ever be caught letting a door slam in someone's face.

Sit down for family meals
Whatever your "family" may be, sit down for dinner together. Did you know that by sitting at a table and going through the motions of eating a meal makes you eat smaller portions? Couch grazing promotes more trips back to the stove for seconds.
Turn off the TV and phones, use your eye contact and start up a conversation. What if the gift of conversation was taken away tomorrow...

You're not the best, and neither am I. I do promise you will still live when this realization sinks in
We are far too accustomed to being told we are the best, and to expect others to see us in the same light.
Wrong…the only thing this ideal has fostered is self entitlement. And I'm sorry but self entitlement looks awful on you.

Work hard, and suffer a little
That self entitlement? Yeah, it's because you haven't worked hard or suffered a little.
It's ok to get knocked around, knees bruised and break a sweat to earn your place in this world.
Success isn't supposed to be comfortable, and you won't earn it waiting on it. Make your grandparents proud for the work you put in.
They busted their's to get you yours.

We are the future
Yes we are…and it use to sound great in grade school when we had such big dreams of working hard to become the best. Where did those dreams go?
If we want this place to sustain until the next generation can take over, we must step up, put on our adult underwear and work hard to make it a place we are proud of.
Until that day happens…this life and world terrifies me.

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A letter


During the time I have taken away from this space, Joe and I have been married for a year and a half. Sure it's just another half a year in the books, but as I continue on this road called marriage, it just seems to get better and better. 

Dear Joe,

Can you believe just 18 short months ago the two of us were dancing to the last song of our wedding night. It was only the two of us swaying to the tune of Sinatra's "The way you look tonight". The music present, but muted behind the loud, roaring joy and passion between you and I. Something tangible happened in that last song. 
I had become your wife hours before, but during that dance we became one. 

We were no longer Joe and Casey, we had become the Aslans. You became my most valued possession and my highest priority.  But you know what, It's taken the past 18 months to really be able to digest what exactly that means. Time with you is never long enough, as I am always surprised that we grow even stronger in each of those minutes. We learn life lessons together, and conquer each other's stresses together; which I must say is a heck of a lot easier than independently. 

I am thankful for your love and how you know me better than I often know myself. 
As we swayed, drunk on love to that last song, I never would have thought things could have gotten better. I just knew that night was as good as it could get. But I'm thankful to say each day our relationship grows, I'm even more in love with you. 
As I don't know what our lives will be in the next 6 months, I'm not afraid because I have you by my side. 

All my love, for all my life

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A rebrand is in the works and I'm SO excited to show you just the beginnings of a fun new adventure!
Huge thanks go to Brooks of Two Oaks Design for creating a space that is so simple, but screams me!
Now that her masterpiece is complete, I have a few touches of my own to add, but I'm thankful you will be along for the ride with me.

Hang on tight, posting will be back to a somewhat normal routine asap. For now I will refresh this page and enjoy all of its glory.

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Cheers not Jeers


Hi friends and thanks for stopping by my space this week for Cheers not Jeers!
If you're new to this linkup, I'm excited you're here! 
Now as I mentioned last week and then with the upcoming changes (see previous post), I will be changing this link up slightly. 

From now on Cheers not Jeers will only be a link up once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month. I hope that this link up with not just stop throughout the weeks and that positivity will continue to spread through this space. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the wonderful women I have met through this link up and I look forward to continuing to develop relationships of positivity.

After today's link up, the next scheduled posting date is
Wednesday, June 4th
Make sure to put us in your calendar!!
Cheers not Jeers Episode 24
Meet Elizabeth from Southern Finesse. I had the privilege of meeting this blogger through a "Happy Hour Hangout". Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my girl Ashten for more details.
I'm excited to introduce you to Elizabeth, because her blog is one I have been hanging out on lately. She speaks the truth in her posts and is funny too. I loved her post "Let the tears fall where the may"; she is honest with her readers and it's something I really admire about her. Stop by and spread some positivity today!

Southern Finesse

Who will you be sharing your Cheers not Jeers with?


As bloggers, more importantly as women, it is often easy to get caught up in the strains and drains of life. Lets face it, life can just flat out SUCK at times. And I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who doesn't love a sweet compliment or a simple thumbs up thrown their way. As motivation to spur a little female bonding around the "interwebs" I introduce to you this monthly link up "Cheers not Jeers"

This is your chance to build up some of your favorite women and showcase their talent through your blog and spread a little sisterly love.

How it works:
  • The first Wednesday of the month, join in the link up by including "Cheers" about your favorite bloggers. These are bloggers who spur your creativity, touch your heart, or keep you sane laughing.
  • Post a small shout out or devoted post to your blogger loves, creating more community between each other, while posting a link to their blog in your post so others many be inspired.
  • After linking up, find a new face, visit a new blog, introduce yourself and send them a "cheer" 
Highly Encouraged:
There are no specific "rules" about following certain individuals in the link up, but just strongly encouraging women to seek out one another and offering praise instead of the negativity we can often see floating around the world wide web. I will personally visit each blog in the link up to see what an awesome impact this is making.

Cheers not Jeers



I've started this post over and over again, unable to find the right time for posting, because once it goes live, I can't go back.
I have a confession….and it's hiding behind this pretty space with aesthetics of what I thought a blog should look like. The design, although beautiful, is what I thought you wanted from my space. The wedding pictures, although they are the key to my heart, are what I thought you wanted to see.

Now as much as I'd love to be a cute cover with loads of my likes and alliteration, oh and throw in those royal blue pumps on the daily, it's just not me.
And most of you who really know me understand that.
I'm just your average mess of a woman trying to love the skin I'm in.

If this space could really show my "true colors" you would will see a raw canvas, with worn edges. The colors and aesthetics plain, yet a hint of rebel thrown in the mix.

The voice you would will hear is one born from a transparent heart, full of errors and mistakes. A lot of which are grammatical.
My voice must be mine, and for me it shall be.

What does this mean for the blog?
It means you will hear more of MY voice instead of what I thought my voice should be.
It means I could go days or even weeks in between posts because I want to stick with MY voice.
It means this space will be much more organic with material focused mainly on the reasons I started this blog in the first place.
It means I have an entire new design coming and I cannot wait for you to see.
It means this blog will no longer take sponsors, as I want this to be a space for MY words.
Sponsors had begun to stress me out and that is the last thing that I want from this space. As I love promoting blogs, it will be because my heart leads me to, not the commitment I have signed up for.
Could this ultimately get me the "unpopular vote"? Sure, but that wouldn't be for ME.
I have struggled a lot with the idea of not supporting other blogs on my space…but I think it's for the best. This being said, all sponsorships will currently be fulfilled in their entirety.

What it doesn't mean…
It doesn't mean I will disappear.
It doesn't mean I won't continue to spread my wings and build new friendships.
It doesn't mean I don't love you…I just want to love a little more of me. Selfish? Maybe…

But, if I can show an example of loving myself for who I am, and not who you want me to be, then we can both gain overall?

Catch you on the flip side,