A few words for my generation


If you're new to these parts you may not know that I have a fear of bringing tiny humans into this world. Biggest reason being, this world is a messed up place.
So today, I'm going to hop up onto a soap box that may be a little too large for me to conquer, but I want to be heard.

A few words for my fellow generation "Y/Millennials" friends peeps humans.

Knock, knock…hey…hey…HEY YOU!
Up here…no I am not Siri speaking to you from your phone.
Listen, I have a few words for ya. You know this little place called Earth that so graciously supports your weight?
Have you ever thought that it wasn't put here for you, and that you may need to start carrying your weight before this placed called Earth gets a little less "accommodating"?

I am in no way wise, but I have a few observations of tendencies that need to be squashed before we come of age to rule this world.
Call them tips, but I'd suggest you jump in and catch on.

Make eye contact and say hello
Take your eyes off the ground, or tech savvy device and look up into the world you're living in. Greet people in the store with a hello and make eye contact.
Oh? It feels weird? YES! Because we have stopped doing this.

Open doors (men and women) for anyone. Young, old, male or female, just do it!
This is common courtesy and not just for men who aren't afraid of Chivalry. Women, you too should be opening doors.
Don't ever be caught letting a door slam in someone's face.

Sit down for family meals
Whatever your "family" may be, sit down for dinner together. Did you know that by sitting at a table and going through the motions of eating a meal makes you eat smaller portions? Couch grazing promotes more trips back to the stove for seconds.
Turn off the TV and phones, use your eye contact and start up a conversation. What if the gift of conversation was taken away tomorrow...

You're not the best, and neither am I. I do promise you will still live when this realization sinks in
We are far too accustomed to being told we are the best, and to expect others to see us in the same light.
Wrong…the only thing this ideal has fostered is self entitlement. And I'm sorry but self entitlement looks awful on you.

Work hard, and suffer a little
That self entitlement? Yeah, it's because you haven't worked hard or suffered a little.
It's ok to get knocked around, knees bruised and break a sweat to earn your place in this world.
Success isn't supposed to be comfortable, and you won't earn it waiting on it. Make your grandparents proud for the work you put in.
They busted their's to get you yours.

We are the future
Yes we are…and it use to sound great in grade school when we had such big dreams of working hard to become the best. Where did those dreams go?
If we want this place to sustain until the next generation can take over, we must step up, put on our adult underwear and work hard to make it a place we are proud of.
Until that day happens…this life and world terrifies me.

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  1. I feel similarly about children, however I hope that if I can teach them about Jesus, they will be able to experience so much joy in their lives despite the craziness of our world. I agree with so many of these!

  2. Oh my goodness, YES. Seriously, best blog post ever! I'm so frustrated with our generation and how we don't know how to even function without technology. This world terrifies me, too. It's so, so sad. Thank you for stepping up on your soap box today!!


  3. Preach it girl!! These are all fantastic points. We're guilty of eating in front of the TV...but I want to try to break that habit!! I grew up always having dinner at the table.

    I'm with you on being terrified of bringing a baby into this world though! Just seems terrifying.

  4. I love every single bit of this post! I have a draft just like this, but I haven't been able to find the words you just wrote. Seriously, Casey, this is one of my favorite posts to date.

  5. Amen! I am absolutely terrified to bring a child into the society we're creating. I can't imagine my child acting the way some people I see act. I truly believe that we can make the world a MUCH better place if we would just step away from technology. We've become so absorbed in it that we're missing life. I could jump on that soap box right next to you, but I'm going to refrain because I'll get all riled up and I'm at work. :) Hugs to you and 10 points for saying that we're becoming a jerk generation.

  6. Preach it girl! And I completely agree with you on every. single. point. Happy Wednesday!

  7. PREACH!
    any more big words screaming I AGREE!!!
    i couldn't have said it any better myself!
    all of these are HUGE pet peeves of mine. especially that self-entitled piece...BOOOO

  8. Oh thank you....this needs to be shouted from the rooftops!!

  9. I agree with so many of these things!