A letter


During the time I have taken away from this space, Joe and I have been married for a year and a half. Sure it's just another half a year in the books, but as I continue on this road called marriage, it just seems to get better and better. 

Dear Joe,

Can you believe just 18 short months ago the two of us were dancing to the last song of our wedding night. It was only the two of us swaying to the tune of Sinatra's "The way you look tonight". The music present, but muted behind the loud, roaring joy and passion between you and I. Something tangible happened in that last song. 
I had become your wife hours before, but during that dance we became one. 

We were no longer Joe and Casey, we had become the Aslans. You became my most valued possession and my highest priority.  But you know what, It's taken the past 18 months to really be able to digest what exactly that means. Time with you is never long enough, as I am always surprised that we grow even stronger in each of those minutes. We learn life lessons together, and conquer each other's stresses together; which I must say is a heck of a lot easier than independently. 

I am thankful for your love and how you know me better than I often know myself. 
As we swayed, drunk on love to that last song, I never would have thought things could have gotten better. I just knew that night was as good as it could get. But I'm thankful to say each day our relationship grows, I'm even more in love with you. 
As I don't know what our lives will be in the next 6 months, I'm not afraid because I have you by my side. 

All my love, for all my life

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  1. I love this! :) It makes my heart happy. Next month is Jake and my one year anniversary, and I can't believe it's possibly been that long. :)

  2. Marriage is the best thing ever! And what a great song to end the wedding night on =)

  3. <3 Happy Year and a half! And of course it will keep getting better!

  4. This is SO beautiful!!!! I loved your letter...marriage truly does get better every day!!!

  5. This is such a sweet and beautiful letter. Even though marriage is work, it is an incredible, fulfilling meaning in life.

  6. Skinny Minnie you are so stunning in that picture! I love this post and I truly hope I can meet you and Joe in person some time :-)

  7. This was so beautiful and precious. Those memories can never be taken away. Thanks for sharing it on the blog.

  8. This is priceless...so sweet, so loving, so genuine.