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So as part of this whole "transplant" 1800 miles away from the only town you have known for 24 years, it has come with some learning curves. Since we have been here almost a year and a half, I just knew I had gotten all of my rookie tendencies out of the way.
You haven't read of these rookie tendencies? Well be my guest and laugh along with us, in some of my very first posts on this space.

Lately some differences have surfaced in my life where I just have to laugh because I realize that I'm not kidding myself and I'm still just a "newb" up North.

Oh shucks
The other day I was at Walmart and was shocked to see trashcans lined up around the large bin which held mountains of ears of corn. Now I was puzzled as to why these trashcans were in front of the corn. Upon further inspection, they were filled with corn husks. Shucking corn has always been a task done at home…not around a communal trash can. I don't know about you, but I thought it was weird!

I will let you know that I hovered around this corn feeling awkward trying to capture someone shucking…you're welcome.

Oh yeah my favorite Broadway play of all time? Nope, definitely not.
Many, many, MANY use this word synonymously with "really", "very", "incredibly".

Example: "Oh yeah he's wicked smart".
Translation: "Jimmy is an incredibly intelligent man".
Pillow at our Boston hotel last weekend
I still haven't quite caught on to this yet…just feels awkward when it tries to fall out of my mouth

Nacho Who?
Last weekend I went to Fenway for my first Red Sox game! What a thrill and part of history that place is! I won't go all "Green Monstah" on you, but I will share with you a reoccurring theme when attending baseball games in the northeast.
Last summer we would attend games for the minor league in town and when I go to watch baseball, I crave nothing more than a huge mound of cheesy nachos covered in jalapeƱos.

Uh negative.  Not up here…anywhere.
I figured it was just a "rookie" mistake on the minor leagues part. But when Fenway looked at Joe like he was CRAY when ordering nachos at a ballpark, I knew we were in trouble. Needless to say it took Joe 30 minutes to track down a bag of Tostitos and a sorry excuse for a tub of cheese sans jalapeƱos. Who doesn't have nachos at a Red Sox game?!?!
What ballpark nachos SHOULD look like. 
Funny article about evolution of ballpark food in Dallas

Needless to say, I'm still being put in my place!
Are any of these things weird to you?
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  1. That's so "that", I mean everything. Culture is interesting isn't it. I've always wanted to go somewhere with a culture that's different from mine. I'd want to immerse myself for at least 3 months. I think you'll be fine though, you'll get the hang of it you'd be wicked good....did I use that right?! Haha

  2. No nachos at a stadium?! That's blasphemy!

  3. The "wicked" thing definitely weirds me out whenever we visit Boston. I can't get over it.

  4. Ok...the no-nachos thing must be a weird Boston thing because even yankee stadium has nachos! My Mom says wicked all the time and I laugh because I hate the word...something I definitely never picked up on. I know how you feel about the learning curve...7 months since I moved from CT to Tennessee and I am still learning things...(apparently I pronounce the word "almond" weird!)

  5. I would feel extremely awkward if I was shucking corn in public. I can't believe they do that! haha

  6. That is just TOO weird... shucking corn in public. I want to get in and OUT of public as fast as possible, not dilly dallying shucking corn and whatnot! haha

  7. Despite living in the northeast for the past 26 years I can honestly say I have never seen public corn shucking! Not sure if that's new or just a Wal-Mart thing but I promise you we're not all that weird. Though we do definitely say wicked all the time. Also, I was hunting for nachos at my last Sox game, too. Not sure who's dropping the ball on that one!

  8. This is so funny because I've always been a Northeasterner and this is all so normal sounding to me! Hahaha =)

  9. Did you stay at the Onyx, by chance? I just stayed there and they had the same pillow!

  10. At our grocery store there's usually a sign above the corn that says please, don't rip the corn husks open. It's not that people are shucking corn in the store, but everyone wants to open the corn and make sure it's a good cob before they buy it and apparently the store does not appreciate that...

  11. I grew up in New England and I've never seen corn shucking done in public. I'm just as confused by that as you are! My favourite Boston slang is "that's Wicked Pisser" - pronounced obviously as "Wicked Pissah" as is super awesome. I'm not sure too many people say it anymore - but I like to say it :)

  12. Hi there, life time NE-er here. (Welcome!)

    As far as I know, the bins at Wal-Mart aren't usually for shucking full ears of corn. I've always used them for throwing away the few pieces of leaves that you take off to check the ear. Maybe it's just me and my family/friends though!

    As for Fenway. No nachos. Fenway Franks! Eat them as you'd like, but no nachos. I've been going to games for 30+ years and don't know that I've ever had nachos :)

  13. I'm also a Texas girl! I go to the northeast sometimes to visit my boyfriend, and everything is just so different there! I never know what I'm doing, lol!

    Daydream Frenzy