Stop the countdowns


Remember those days when Christmas was light years away? When your birthday felt like it only happened every other year? How about those years from 13-16, counting down the minutes until you can feel the freedom of a driver's license?

Suddenly I look back and those days are over a decade behind me. Weird…just plain weird.

When did time decide to speed up? We are halfway to Christmas and I swear I just put the tree up last weekend…

Time is precious, and time is a gift.
Time is far too often taken for granted. Have you ever wished you could bring "those memories" back?
Didn't you cherish them when you had them in the palm of your hand?
Or were you counting down the days until the next "high" in your life?

I will confess, and I have been known to wish my life away.
I have a count down ap on my phone that is always counting down those precious moments to something I think should be most important in my life.

What if I really knew the countdown to some of the events in my life?
The ending and beginning of lives.
Heartbreak and blessings.

Some would enjoy the idea of controlling time…I myself probably being one.
BUT…and with me it's always a big but.
Why can't we slow down, soak in the seconds that you won't have tomorrow.
Did you hear me? You won't get those moments back. Those days you ripped off the paper chain countdown to Christmas? They are gone. Do you remember those days of impatient waiting?
What could we have accomplished in those days?

Lately I have tried really hard to not wish my days away thinking about a future life where we move back to Texas, buy our first house, get an animal and raise some babies, all in the comfort of a big Texas back yard.
The American dream right? Not necessarily.
What if I'm living my dream right here, right now, in Albany New York?
I know I will miss it when life becomes that American dream turned hectic. I just know it!

I urge you to stop the countdowns.
I urge you to sit for even 15 minutes and soak up every single second.
Loss can happen in a matter of seconds so soak it up while you have it.

After all this soaking and rhetorical questions I hope you're saturated with a want to simply be still.
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Strawberry Fields


A new adventure happened last weekend and I wanted to share it with you! The Northeast has brought us a lot of first time adventures and even after almost a year and a half we are still finding new experiences. This is why I love this place. 
Sure, maybe you can pick strawberries in Texas, but never in the city or close enough to where I grew up.

We ended up with almost 5 pounds of strawberries, which I immediately attempted to turn into jam.
 I am still a work in progress, but I'll let you know if I perfect it. 

Don't mind my hair that is subtly turning orange…YIKES!

Funny thing is, Joe hates strawberries. As in, we tried again and he just spit it out. Something about the seeds/texture. Funny, funny funny! 
Can't wait to go back this summer for raspberries, blueberries and blackberries! 

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Alright friends, I have a task for you! As I am becoming more transparent with my faith, I am in need of an accountability partner or 10…

Studying the Bible has never been my strong suit, as I often don't understand what I read. For Christmas I was given a study Bible and I tell you my world was turned around. I felt like I could comprehend more of what I read. That still doesn't mean I'm loyal student I should be. Thats where you come in! Any tips on how you study the Bible?

Today's study is from John. A book that my friend Amber is currently studying through her Milking Stool Meetings. You should join us. Unsure? I can tell you to have no fear, and that discipline is fostered in groups.

What do you think about this way of studying? Choosing one verse out of a passage, really breaking it down, and soaking in the wealth of knowledge. Hope you enjoy.

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My mind as of late


lately I've been stalking West Elm…So! Addicting!
lately I've wanted to peruse a new dream. It's vicious how strong this dream is.
lately I've wanted to read a new book…suggestions?
lately we have been listening to Miles Davis and all things jazz
lately I'm trying to make my mind and time still…truth? It makes me anxious
lately I've been dissecting the "culture" of attitudes and ideals of my fellow Nor'Easterners
lately I've thought a lot about babies…yes mom. But no we aren't pregnant or getting pregnant. TMI?
lately, as in the past 4 months I've craved pad thai like no body's business…and no, see above answer. You're far too predictable.
lately I've been thinking a lot about this upcoming "anniversary". Prayers for our family please!
lately I've felt the need for adventure, and tired of mundane.
lately I've been trying to convince a loved one to make a huge life change.
lately I've realized I'm kind of a super control freak with selfish tendencies.
lately we have been counting down the days to our vacation to Mexico this October.
lately I've really wanted to buy this.

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What "It" is...


As part of this space, it is one of the hardest things for me to write about. It's a topic that I don't articulate as fluently or as gracefully as some. It's a lifestyle that I strive to balance on a tight rope called life. It's something so much greater than myself that it's intimidating and often easier to live in my anal retentive, control filled world.

"It" is my faith. And what good is my faith if I am not open to sharing what amazing things it is doing in my life?
A Sprinkle of Prayer
Last Sunday I was invited to a "Sprinkle of Prayer" dinner comprised of 7 women total to pray over another woman who is starting the foster care experience. As much as I love this woman who we would be praying for, I was absolutely terrified. All week I was anxious as to what I would say when it was my turn to pray. I dove into my bible looking for scripture that speaks of child like faith and adoption of God's holy children. I have trouble praying in front of Joe (things I'm working on) so how in the world would I be expected to pray over my friend with 6 other women in the room who were much more seasoned in their walks of faith and most importantly, prayer? Phew! Deep breath.

Oh you know how it goes. I wanted a plan for my faith and I just knew I had control over it, so I looked like the prepared "I do this everyday Christian". See any flaws with my logic? As I had my prayer written down and filled with scripture, I knew I was ready for this dinner. Hah…little did I know God had another plan for me.

When I arrived to dinner I went to grab for my journal, tucked in the side pocket of my Bible ready and armed to tackle this situation, I was still a little uneasy with. Bam…the journal was nowhere to be found. I hastily dug through my car just knowing it had to be right there or somewhere!!!! Please! But as I'm sure you have already predicted this plot, the journal had been left at home. All of my control left sitting on the kitchen counter.

As my friend started spilling out her fears and anxieties with this new step she is taking in life, my heart began to race trying to remember my prayer. But as I listened to her words and her needs, my prayer no longer was applicable. There were new prayers forming such as comfort, strength, and courage. As we opened our hearts and poured out our requests I felt a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.

The dinner was beautiful and new friendships were made. As women we had bonded through our creator to lift up another woman in prayer. And can I just say how amazing He is? The next day we all received a text from my friend stating that over night one of the prayers we had fervently prayed over had already been answered.

That lack of control is exactly what I needed. It proved to me how much more of a God centered life I can live when I give up my control, and scripture filled journal, to just let Him guide me.
Good, good stuff for the soul!
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Cheers not Jeers


Cheers not Jeers Episode 25
Hello friends! It's the first Wednesday of the month and you know what that means!
 Cheers not Jeers is live and awaiting your positivity to be strewn across blog land!
My Kind of Yellow
 Meet Kayla from "My Kind of Yellow". She is the sweetest of gals who you just feel like you've known your entire life. I am new to her space, and loving every post! Kayla and her hubby just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and their celebration was just perfect. I love the idea of recreating wedding poses year after year with each anniversary. My favorite post from Kayla is her "Get Happy" post which is full of ways to get happy and stay happy! Definitely a positive pick me up.

Stop by and say hi to my new friend Kayla! You won't be disappointed.

The next Cheers not Jeers post goes live
Wednesday July 2nd 
Who will you be sharing your Cheers not Jeers with?


As bloggers, more importantly as women, it is often easy to get caught up in the strains and drains of life. Lets face it, life can just flat out SUCK at times. And I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who doesn't love a sweet compliment or a simple thumbs up thrown their way. As motivation to spur a little female bonding around the "interwebs" I introduce to you this monthly link up "Cheers not Jeers"

This is your chance to build up some of your favorite women and showcase their talent through your blog and spread a little sisterly love.

How it works:
  • The first Wednesday of the month, join in the link up by including "Cheers" about your favorite bloggers. These are bloggers who spur your creativity, touch your heart, or keep you sane laughing.
  • Post a small shout out or devoted post to your blogger loves, creating more community between each other, while posting a link to their blog in your post so others many be inspired.
  • After linking up, find a new face, visit a new blog, introduce yourself and send them a "cheer" 
Highly Encouraged:
There are no specific "rules" about following certain individuals in the link up, but just strongly encouraging women to seek out one another and offering praise instead of the negativity we can often see floating around the world wide web. I will personally visit each blog in the link up to see what an awesome impact this is making.

Cheers not Jeers

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