Stop the countdowns


Remember those days when Christmas was light years away? When your birthday felt like it only happened every other year? How about those years from 13-16, counting down the minutes until you can feel the freedom of a driver's license?

Suddenly I look back and those days are over a decade behind me. Weird…just plain weird.

When did time decide to speed up? We are halfway to Christmas and I swear I just put the tree up last weekend…

Time is precious, and time is a gift.
Time is far too often taken for granted. Have you ever wished you could bring "those memories" back?
Didn't you cherish them when you had them in the palm of your hand?
Or were you counting down the days until the next "high" in your life?

I will confess, and I have been known to wish my life away.
I have a count down ap on my phone that is always counting down those precious moments to something I think should be most important in my life.

What if I really knew the countdown to some of the events in my life?
The ending and beginning of lives.
Heartbreak and blessings.

Some would enjoy the idea of controlling time…I myself probably being one.
BUT…and with me it's always a big but.
Why can't we slow down, soak in the seconds that you won't have tomorrow.
Did you hear me? You won't get those moments back. Those days you ripped off the paper chain countdown to Christmas? They are gone. Do you remember those days of impatient waiting?
What could we have accomplished in those days?

Lately I have tried really hard to not wish my days away thinking about a future life where we move back to Texas, buy our first house, get an animal and raise some babies, all in the comfort of a big Texas back yard.
The American dream right? Not necessarily.
What if I'm living my dream right here, right now, in Albany New York?
I know I will miss it when life becomes that American dream turned hectic. I just know it!

I urge you to stop the countdowns.
I urge you to sit for even 15 minutes and soak up every single second.
Loss can happen in a matter of seconds so soak it up while you have it.

After all this soaking and rhetorical questions I hope you're saturated with a want to simply be still.
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  1. THIS. Perfect and so well said. I;m one to always look forward and countdown the days until whatever. Even just until the weekend. I'm missing out on enjoying the smiles and laughter of today. This was something I needed to hear, thanks for posting!!

  2. Jake and I were just talking about this this weekend. :) The moments in between the countdowns are usually the most precious moments. We're working on staying focused on the here and now and how wonderful things are during the day to day. I think remaining grounded in your positivity even through the monotony of every day life is the recipe to lasting happiness. Everyone is happy on vacation, but not everyone is happy making dinner. It's the little things in life that become the big things. :) Love love love this!

  3. I needed this. I am so caught up in counting down until our next move that I am missing what is now. Thank you, Casey, for reminding me it's not counting down until the next big moments, but soaking up the little ones.

  4. Love this! Such a great post!

  5. I love this. Perfect reminder to slow down and live for today. Not that planning or looking forward to the future is terrible, but that we should be able to plan and enjoy the planning. Perfect post. :)

  6. This is a great post! Many times I find myself wishing away the days to the weekend, or to a vacation, or to our wedding day. Whatever it may be, I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the moment I'm in. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of this!

  7. I am definitely guilty of looking to the next big thing and not living in the moment. Thanks for posting this!

  8. This is a wonderful reminder to me! I am totally guilty of wanting to fast forward time, to get to that next 'big' thing ... I definitely forget to enjoy the here and now. Thanks for this post :)

  9. I say this all the time Casey! I SO agree!

  10. oh how I am so often trying to keep this at the forefront of my mind!

  11. I couldn't agree more. I feel like I've been having the exact same thoughts about trying to cherish every moment and not just let the days pass me by one by one.

  12. I do this way too much. I focus on the bigger picture and not so much the right now.

  13. This is so good! I've made a conscious effort to stop saying, "I can't wait for ____" and say that I'm excited instead.

  14. Great post my darling, you gave me goosebumps this morning!!
    I am guilty of this far too often and it really hits home today. Two years ago today Steve's cousin died in an accident at work and it had a huge impact on our close family; just another reminder that tomorrow is not promised and we need to live in the now!