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As part of this space, it is one of the hardest things for me to write about. It's a topic that I don't articulate as fluently or as gracefully as some. It's a lifestyle that I strive to balance on a tight rope called life. It's something so much greater than myself that it's intimidating and often easier to live in my anal retentive, control filled world.

"It" is my faith. And what good is my faith if I am not open to sharing what amazing things it is doing in my life?
A Sprinkle of Prayer
Last Sunday I was invited to a "Sprinkle of Prayer" dinner comprised of 7 women total to pray over another woman who is starting the foster care experience. As much as I love this woman who we would be praying for, I was absolutely terrified. All week I was anxious as to what I would say when it was my turn to pray. I dove into my bible looking for scripture that speaks of child like faith and adoption of God's holy children. I have trouble praying in front of Joe (things I'm working on) so how in the world would I be expected to pray over my friend with 6 other women in the room who were much more seasoned in their walks of faith and most importantly, prayer? Phew! Deep breath.

Oh you know how it goes. I wanted a plan for my faith and I just knew I had control over it, so I looked like the prepared "I do this everyday Christian". See any flaws with my logic? As I had my prayer written down and filled with scripture, I knew I was ready for this dinner. Hah…little did I know God had another plan for me.

When I arrived to dinner I went to grab for my journal, tucked in the side pocket of my Bible ready and armed to tackle this situation, I was still a little uneasy with. Bam…the journal was nowhere to be found. I hastily dug through my car just knowing it had to be right there or somewhere!!!! Please! But as I'm sure you have already predicted this plot, the journal had been left at home. All of my control left sitting on the kitchen counter.

As my friend started spilling out her fears and anxieties with this new step she is taking in life, my heart began to race trying to remember my prayer. But as I listened to her words and her needs, my prayer no longer was applicable. There were new prayers forming such as comfort, strength, and courage. As we opened our hearts and poured out our requests I felt a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.

The dinner was beautiful and new friendships were made. As women we had bonded through our creator to lift up another woman in prayer. And can I just say how amazing He is? The next day we all received a text from my friend stating that over night one of the prayers we had fervently prayed over had already been answered.

That lack of control is exactly what I needed. It proved to me how much more of a God centered life I can live when I give up my control, and scripture filled journal, to just let Him guide me.
Good, good stuff for the soul!
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  1. This is such an inspiring post, and so raw and real! Thank you so much for opening your heart and sharing this testament with us! God is so good, and I'm so glad that you were able to lift up a woman in need and shower her with grace and prayer, even without something previously written down in a journal. I'm the same way as you, I struggle with praying in front of people, as if my prayer won't be 'good enough'. I, too, am working on it. Keep up the great work, girl! :)

  2. . Praying is one of my weakest points in my faith. I never feel like I am 'doing it right'. Thanks for the reminder that God is in control and to let him lead me in prayer.

    I'm happy to hear one of the prayers were answered, what a blessing and what a strong group of women to get together and do this for someone.

  3. Corporate prayer is such a hard thing for me. You want to pray the "right words" so the person feels the Spirit move. But I think what God is looking for in prayer is the honesty and vulnerability of our hearts, and that we best pray for others when we search for the heart behind their petition and pray directly from our own hearts, regardless of how well the words spill out. I love this story, Casey; it's a beautiful testimony of what it looks like to pray from the heart.

  4. Girl thank you for writing about this today, I so needed it. I've never been comfortable praying in front of large groups, or even just my husband! I feel silly; "what if I say the wrong thing?!" & even worse, "what if I don't sound holy enough" because I'm not one to know scripture off the top of my head. You are not alone ma'am and I'm so happy you left that journal at home on accident ;)

  5. My faith has been something that I am working on this month. I need to be better about studying the bible. Do you have tips or advice?

  6. Such a great post. God always provides the right answers at the right time. So glad you felt it and went with it. Such an inspiring post.
    Xo Trish @ The Trish List

  7. Casey,
    When we allow God to take control of things (prayer included) it is so much better than we could ever do it without Him. You are an amazing child of God and I am so proud of the leaps you are taking in your Faith. When I know I will be praying in front of people, I ask God to speak through me and to the person I am praying for. We must let our heart lead us...God is not looking for the perfect prayer, God is looking for a love of Him and he will allow that prayer to come through you.

  8. So wonderful. It's easy to get nervous about praying in front of others, but we just need to come talk to him, and the Holy Spirit will give us the words. Thanks for sharing! I have a hard time talking about my faith too, and I have been praying for more boldness.

  9. i love the power of prayer. just yesterday i knelt down and begged the Lord to help me with something. i immediately felt comfort and relief. i would be nothing without the power of prayer