Be you bravely


Lately I've felt emotionally drained. I feel like my defensive wall of courage and strength has been slowly weakened in places, threatening to crumble under me.

I don't speak much of work in these spaces quite frankly because I'm not allowed to. One word HIPPA.
But some times a girl has to decompress. As hard as I lean on Joe for emotional support when I'm down, writing is a therapeutic outlet that helps me to really break down the emotions that I'm feeling.

Work has been so, so hard on the entire staff lately. So many emotional cases that we all carry home with us at the end of those 13 hour shifts.
I often wake up with a pit in my stomach hurting for these families.

My heart feels raw, as if its been thrown against large rocks in an oceans storm. Tender and easy to bruise as it attempts to heal, which can only come with time.

I believe I'm in a season of learning to be brave. I am being thrown into situations where there is no other option but to muster the courage to be brave.

Brave is:
Not knowing when the storm will pass, but trusting that it has to
Helping the weak, when you only feel weak.
Leading, when you are blind.
Remaning positive when surrounded by negativity.
Standing up for your beliefs.
Faking it until you make it.
Loving yourself  despite your flaws.
Trusting your instincts. 
Trusting the path set before you. 
Knowing that timing is out of your control.

Do not conform yourself to the standards of this world. Romans 12:2

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  1. Ahh... timing is out of my control. Seeing just how true that is!

    Ps- love that shirt!!

  2. I will be praying for you dear friend. God made us nurses because WE ARE brave and because sometimes, we are the only brave ones to carry the families in that hospital room. Love you dear!

  3. Hugs to you sweet girl! I know exactely how you feel and have been dealing with some of the same feelings lately! We have had so, so many cases of young cancers. Most discharged to hospice even they even survive until discharge. And to see their young children come in to say goodbye...heart breaking. On a more positive note, I'm loving your shirt and would love to know where you got it from! <3 Love!

  4. Girl, you're amazing. Funny we had very similar blog titles yesterday ;) but seriously this is awesome. I'll be thinking of you... And PS! Romans is my favorite book in the bible.

  5. "brave is...Not knowing when the storm will pass, but trusting that it has to." amen sister
    what a beautiful psot!

  6. Beautiful post, Casey. I needed this today.

  7. Such a beautiful are brave because He made you so! xoxo