Beauty in all of its essence


Today I have beauty on my mind…beauty that in all of its essence has not one ounce of self hate.

Now think of this as a scene from Mean Girls…"Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Regina George yourself."
Get my point? Ladies it MUST stop…did you know you were created exactly with the 
shape, color, lines, wrinkles, shades and "imperfections"you were supposed to be created with? 

Yes it was all a master plan. His master plan
Want to hear more? Jump on over to Happy is a Choice where I am standing on my soap box and speaking to YOU today.

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  1. What a fabulous guest post, Casey! Truly brilliant, and it really made me think. Definitely something to strive for (after fighting with my hair all morning long..ugh!).


  2. Great guest post! Definitely something we need to remember, thanks for reminding us. I'm visiting from "Happy is a Choice" and I'm loving your posts!

  3. I really love reading your blog. Being a transplant myself to Upstate NY its fun to read your posts. Your words are always inspiring and they keep me coming back!