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I tend to brag to others about how much I love our new "hometown", so I figured I would start showing you why. 

On the weekends I don't work, you can find me in downtown Troy at the farmers market. 
Even if I don't need the amazing produce they have to offer, I enjoy seeing farm to market entrepreneurs 
and secretly dream of a lifestyle of growing/producing my own income. 

Even after almost two years, I am still amazed at the difference in architectural design. 
Everything in the Northeast seems to me to be more ornate, stately yet simple at the same time. 
Yes I understand that these may be antonyms, but I enjoy the feel of it.
 The south is much more modern and rustic. I think "old" has a lot of charm. 

1// side street downtown Troy, Ny
2// fresh produce compliments of Troy's Waterfront Market
3// beautiful heirlooms
4// Albany, Ny State Capitol building

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  1. So pretty! I love the historic architecture in ALL the East Coast states.

  2. yum that farmer's market! Ours is kind of lame here, weird considering that I basically live in farmworld. lol

  3. Yeah, that's a pretty great hometown! I looove Farmers Markets!

  4. The Capitol building is gorgeous inside as well, they have year-round tours and holiday ones as well. Check them out!

  5. So amazing! Thanks so much for sharing a little slice of your new hometown! Troy looks so awesome. Definitely different than Texas style! And a lot cooler I'd presume...


  6. Downtown Troy really is a gem! I was just talking to a friend about that the other day. Actually, I had bloggers visit last fall and we walked around downtown for a little while and did some shopping. Do you ever go up to Saratoga?

  7. These pictures are amazing! I found you through the blog baton, you caught my eye because I live about a half hour north of Albany. It's so fun to see your pictures, it helps me see places I've always been around, but in a totally different light. Welcome to the area!!! :)