Pot Luck Roommate


The college I attended was only 20 minutes from home, which made it an attractive choice for some as a commuter school. I however wanted the full college experience while also staying close to home base. My best friend, who was attending college 3 hours away, and I decided to live in the dorms and go for "pot luck" roommates.

As I eagerly attended Freshman orientation, I was excited to meet the girls who would be living on my dorm's nursing interest group floor, as well as possibly be my roommates. I was incredibly shy as I had the same best friend since 2nd grade, and I wasn't the most outgoing when it came to meeting new people.
Both of which terrified me since I wouldn't be attending college with my best friend.

A few weeks later, our roommate assignments came in the mail and I crossed my fingers that out of the two other girls who I would be sharing a room with, at least one of them would be "normal". Don't you know as soon as I saw the names I jumped on Facebook to stalk creep on my newest cohabitants.
Both girls were cheerleaders at their local high schools…UGH. I hated reallllly disliked cheerleaders, as I was your punk kid who wore far too much eye liner, a Senses Fail band Tee and guys skater shoes…seriously. Great, I would have to deal with cheerleaders. Who knows what they must have thought of me!

 High School Emo Casey

As fate would have it, I found a best friend in one of my "pot luck" roommates. The other one, well we just won't talk about it. April and I have been inseparable ever since Freshman year of college. I will never forget after our first semester having to leave each other over Christmas break and we both just bawled our eyes out. To say I was lucky would be an understatement. I'm just thankful we both looked past the Facebook profile pictures and learned to love each other.

Why am I sharing this story?
This time next week, April and I will once again be roommates and I couldn't be more excited!!!! April is coming to live with Joe and I for some time (maybe forever?) over the next few months as she pursues travel nursing here in New York. I am so excited to have a piece of home here in New York with me. And I can't wait to share the trouble that we get into…like the good 'ol days.

 Oh yes we did...
See they get along just great

And now that you've had a flash into my past…get ready for some fun updates from me and my forever roommate! How's that for a #flashbackfriday

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  1. I was that kind of punk kind in HS too. Sometimes I just wonder what the hell I was thinking. . .

  2. Oh this make my heart so happy!!!

  3. Oh my goodness HOW fun!?!?! :) I know you two (and three) will have a blast!!!

  4. How awesome that she's going to be staying with you guys! I love it!!! :D

  5. Whaaattt?! I had no idea! That is so exciting! Good luck with your new adventure, April! Give Casey a HUGE hug for me please!

    I miss your face, Casey! Come visit soon! <3

  6. Oh how fun!!
    Can't wait to see your NY adventures with her!!