soaking in the last


As I am spending my free time soaking up the rest of summer, I'll leave you with my life currently.

feeling/// anxious (imagine that) about summer ending, and the inevitable hibernation. During the winter, the sun begins to set around 3:45pm and it makes this girl a bit nutty. Plus I haven't hiked, tubed, or explored enough in these few short summer months.

wishing/// more like praying for doors to open if they are supposed to. I know in life I am unable to influence fate, but I don't want to push something upon someone if it's not supposed to happen…make sense? Vague enough?

listening/// to Frank Sinatra Pandora station. Franky does my soul well

reading/// The Memory Keeper's Daughter compliments of the wonderful Amber. And am I the last to know that it also appears to be a movie?

cooking/// cheddar beer chicken tacos… one word. YUM

enjoying/// the weight that has lifted off my shoulders and the peace it has brought. A little personal so we won't go there. How am I celebrating? Sitting on the couch, hanging out with you, sipping on a diet coke. This. Is. Life.

wearing/// sweat pants and a red sox shirt…NAPOLI!

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  1. ouch - 3:45?? I get depressed about it going down at 5 here. Boo. start stocking up on vitamin D!

  2. 3:45??? I think I would probably be one of those people with seasonal adjustment disorder! Those chicken tacos sound super yummy!

  3. ah franky is good to my soul too!

  4. Can we talk about Frank Sinatra? I had NO idea you liked his - I've loved him since I was young, even naming my black lab Sinatra.

  5. Ahh I'm not ready for winter yet either!! We need to catch up with a Hangout date soon! xo

  6. Winter nearing is making me anxious too. It always brings back a huge onset of depression for me. I'm already trying to figure out how I'm NOT going to let that happen.

  7. mmm love me some Frank :) always good for the soul!

  8. Love me some Frank!!! I can't believe the sun sets so early for y'all!! I would definitely go crazy.
    I'm glad you linked up with us!

  9. I could not handle the sun setting that early. It's dark here by 7pm during the winter and I hate it!

  10. Wait...Memory Keeper's Daughter is a movie??? I didn't know that! I just read it too- it's wonderful!