You're 4 years old and sitting in the waiting room at the Pediatrician's office.
The room smells of antiseptic and is uncomfortably cold.
Your name is called, and you are whisked away to a room in the back, clown themed.
Who likes clowns? I thought they were made for horror movies. 
As the doctor enters the room, you grab for Dad's hand, unsure of what will happen next.
The doctor checks your ears, nose and throat; then has you "blow out" the light of the otoscope.
He asks silly questions, comments how big you have gotten, and ends with a good bill of health.
Phew, you can let go of Dad's hand as things weren't so bad this time.

Enters the nurse with something in her hand.
She asks you what kind of bandaid you would like.
Bandaid? Why would you need a bandaid?
As your eyes dart to Dad, he explains that it's just one little shot.
Shot? We've been tricked. No one said anything about a shot.
Dad then explains that it's needed to prevent something worse from happening.
What could be worse than a shot?
As you protest, shed tears and try to hide, there is no getting out of this situation.
Because you're kicking and fighting, Dad must now hold you down so the nurse can administer the shot.
Hurt, physically and emotionally you wonder why your fiercest protector could possibly let this happen.
He explains that temporary pain is often needed to manifest long term health

As a 4 year old, a routine immunization can relate to suffering. 
How could someone who loves us allow us to endure suffering?

Have you caught on to the analogy I'm trying to portray?

We have a Father who is Sovereign, meaning all things are under His rule and control. 
So why would He cause pain and suffering in this world?

The pain, often temporary is what helps us to manifest a lifetime of spiritual health. 
Where do you hang your suffering?
Do you turn away from your loved one? Or do you rejoice in what you are being taught?

Tough questions, without firm answers but something great to mull over. 
Mystery is a new concept I'm learning to lean on in my spiritual life. It is something that helps to strengthen my faith.
If God is infinite, then there is no way I, a lowly human, could attempt to know everything about Him.
Which can only explain why his infinite power must remain a mystery, and that I must be ok with that.

These were the powerful lessons I learned this past Sunday. Powerful words which brought me back to reality and humbled me with tears. I'm sure I won't do the teaching its justice, but its something that has remained on my mind, and really challenged me this week.

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  1. This is a great analogy! It's like I've always said, we are not meant to understand why God allows certain things to happen to certain people but with faith, we can rest in the fact that He is a sovereign God, a loving God, and an all-knowing God. Thanks again for sharing this!

  2. Sweet girl, you are spot on. Thank you so much for sharing this truth that's resonated with you this week. It's such an important lesson to be aware of through the darkest of days.


  3. Such a good analogy that I've never thought of...& so beautifully written!

  4. What an incredible analogy! Thank you for sharing.

  5. This was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for sharing.....really great stuff to dwell on this evening!

  6. Beautiful words. The quote by Sprugeon is one of my absolute favorites!! Truly beautiful. I am so glad that I stopped over from the link up!! It is a delight to re-connect with you here again!!
    :) Rebecca

  7. This is beautiful, Casey. It was so vivid I actually felt like I was there.

  8. Great words that really make you sit back and think. Thanks for posting (:

  9. This brought me absolute chills. So so beautiful, Casey!!!!!

  10. This is beautifully written!!! And so thought provoking!

  11. These are amazing thoughts! I love this line "The pain, often temporary is what helps us to manifest a lifetime of spiritual health." We so often don't think of it like that but it's so true. There is ALWAYS something bigger going on in God's plans than we can see or imagine :)