Why I'm deleting Facebook


Guys…I must have missed them memo, but when did social media platforms suddenly become solely political platforms?

I'm over it. I seriously want to gag anytime I get on social media because it only appears to be a war zone of hateful responses.
I have most recently deleted the Facebook ap off of my phone because any time I scan news feeds,
it is most often filled with slandering and rants about other peoples beliefs.
What happened to that little thing called the Golden Rule?

New flash… your opinion isn't the only one, whether right or wrong.
Everyone is entitled to their own and the freedom to express such, but I don't think those who have died for our freedom wish for us to use it against each other.

If people want to be sad about Robin Williams death…LET THEM

If people want to promote the #icebucketchallenge for ALS…LET THEM

If a woman wants to homeschool her children…LET HER

If a father wants to be a stay at home dad…LET HIM

If people want to be vegetarian… LET THEM

If people want to eat meat at every meal…LET THEM

If people want to bring awareness to diseases across the world… LET THEM

If a cat wants to ride a vacuum wearing a shark costume… LET THEM

The beauty of this world is that we are not required to be a cookie cutter image of the person next to us.

What I am saying it that you don't have to have the same beliefs as the person sitting next to you, however we MUST stop attacking people with our words.
Remain humble and respectful of others opinions and decisions as there will always be different than someone else's.

I mean really…am I crazy? Is it so hard to just be nice?

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  1. YES. Lately I've been seriously disheartened by everything I see on facebook. I'm scared to post pretty much anything because of ridiculously outspoken family and friends, and some of the comments I see on other posts (by people I know!) are disgusting and hateful. I've thought about deleting it too, props to you for making the move! Excellent soap box rant, Casey!

  2. I have been debating deleting my Facebook as well! Maybe I will just delete the app from my phone since that is where I check it most often. Every time I read it, I get more and more turned off of it. People can be so cruel, or so stupid, and really it's just a waste of my time.

  3. You arent the only one. I have been only checking facebook for messages and nothing else for a couple years. I avoid the entire feed and I'm perfectly happy with my life so clearly I don't need facebook the way so many do. It's sad.

  4. AMEN. Only in these past few months have I been getting so MAD at Facebook. It's getting worse and worse.

  5. Totally with you on this one. I hardly use FB any more and have almost been on there just to share blog posts and other things. People are so mean and I think a lot of people use it to hide behind because would the ever really say that to someone's face?!
    I should delete the app on my phone :-)

    Great Post!! xo

  6. Goodness gracious girlfriend you are reading my mind!!!!! Sometimes I just want to delete my Facebook, then I just remember I can unfollow friends too! ;) so I do that. But gosh, you're so right. This world ( and social media ) would be so much more enjoyable if people would just let things go!

  7. I've definitely deactivated facebook a few times (especially around election times), but I've learned to just check it less, take it less seriously, roll my eyes at the people who rant and rave, and move on to better sites. Like this one! :)

  8. It's awful isn't it? What happened to agreeing to disagree? You're enitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. People definitely need a reminder as to what the Golden Rule is.

  9. Oh my gosh, thank you for writing this! It was about time that someone did! I 100% agree with everything that you've said, life would be a lot easier if people were a little more accepting / learned to let things go :)

  10. Facebook bores me now. All hail Instagram!

  11. I stick on facebook solely for the long distance family/friends... it's the easiest way to stay up to date.

    And the shark kitty riding the vacuum was my favorite. #internetwin

  12. This is how I try to be on Facebook too. There are some things I refuse to keep silent about, though. I will not stay silent in the face of homophobia or racism. These are problems that mean a lot to me and give me a lot of headaches. If someone posts something racist or homophobic I often don't know what to do. I do not want to stay silent because that is wrong. I don't want to delete them off my news feed because I feel like that is the same as saying silent. So I simply state my opinion about how being racist or homophobic is unacceptable in this day and age. It often doesn't go well and leaves me feeling even worse. And the thing about first amendment rights in this country is that we have the freedom to say what we want, but other people have the freedom to criticize it also. All in all I feel like such a let down to the world no matter what path I choose, but that's nothing compared to actually making things worse for people in marginalized groups.

  13. I couldn't agree more. I don't love facebook because someone will post something that they are feeling or their opinion then people get offended. Have a healthy decision about it. Agree to disagree. My husband and I will always say each relationship is different so what works for them may not work for us but if they are happy fine.

  14. I love the video of the cat in the shark costume riding the vacuum :)

  15. I agree so much. People feel the need to be so publicly judgemental and hateful lately, and even if you disagree with them, there's no reason to make fun of them or tell them they're wrong or stupid for XYZ. Can't we all just coexist?! It's been extremely irritating to me too, but I just block the repeat offenders from my feed.

  16. People don't know the difference between having an opinion and being an asshole. They think "freedom of speech" means freedom to treat others like shit. It's a shame because they ruin it for everyone. :/

  17. You are not crazy, you are so right!

  18. Facebook IS so hard because it has become so confrontational. I realize that I can cruise it once a day and see what I want to see, but then more than that I find myself wanting to step in to the fights because WE'RE ALL DOING IT. But really, I haven't seen the arguing have a good look as of yet...