//Truth. Our trees are starting to turn as seen above
//Truth. I've been bad at blogging around these parts…which just means I've been having too much fun.
//Truth. I despise shopping at Walmart. But it's cheap and close. Womp.
//Truth. I'm loving these free iPhone wallpapers!
//Truth. I have a hidden Pinterest board filled with baby stuff…I keep it hidden because I don't want someone suddenly thinking I'm pregnant.
//Truth. The beginning of October I'm getting my butt into gear and doing my first "challenge". It's the 21 day fix challenge by Beachbody. I can eat real food…SOLD
//Truth. I'm trying really hard not to decorate for Fall until October for the sheer fact that I'm sad to see Summer go. However, Fall decor and wardrobes are the best so I'm quickly failing.
//Truth. I'm really missing home, and I don't think we will be able to go home until after Christmas.

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Crane Mountain


Last week my hiking adventures continued with a much more intense hike up Crane Mountain. Crane Mountain is another hike in the Adirondacks here in Upstate New York. After my last adventure with Buck Mountain, I went ahead and purchased a rocking new pair of hiking boots. I can't wait for the next hike with these gals to see the leaves turn.

Most amazing part of this hike? When we got to the summit we were literally amongst the clouds. Fog would roll in and wrap around us fast and freezing cold. At first we thought the fog was smoke by the way if moved in quickly, thankfully it wasn't!

Crane Mountain stats:
Elevation: 3254 ft
Ascent: 1154 ft
Distance: 2.7 miles (5.4 round trip) to summit including pond

Amazed by it all!


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Yeah so I guess I miss the kid…and other things currently


writing/// happy birthday to one of my oldest friends…not oldest as in age, but longest. I understand you probably didn't need that explanation but I wouldn't want her feeling old. Alright and now I'm just obnoxious.
anticipating/// a trip to Mexico in t-minus 47 days. Joe and I will be celebrating our second year of marriage by relaxing on a beautiful Playa del Carmen beach. Swim up room included…Oh. My. Gursh.
missing/// my crazy brilliant scientist other half. He's been away in Indiana since last Sunday and I'll actually admit I miss him hogging 3/4 of our king sized bed. I am SO thankful to have April here while Joe is away, we have been able to catch up on long lost girl time. However, I still tend to get anxious while he is away. Even under all of his goofy charm, I feel safe when he's around.
wearing/// well I'm currently in my "jammies" but just returned from a trip to Target with a new fall dress which promises to be a wardrobe staple. I'm headed to an Oncology/Hematology conference next week in the City and this girl has little to no "professional clothing". Just more reasons I love wearing pajamas scrubs at work.
craving/// home. I've been missing home a lot lately. Plus I could definitely go for some Joe T Garcia's ASAP. I'm excited for the days we are closer than 1,700 miles from home.

I can't believe we are almost halfway through September. Make. It. Stop.
P.S. did you see how much fun I had with "The Blog Baton" yesterday?
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What I've learned about fighting…the hard way


I will preface this post with these are the things Joe and I have learned (the hard way) over the past six years.
They may not be for everyone but they have saved me a few ounces of sanity and I've had to do a lot less apologizing for my irrational, dramatic, hurtful words.

1. Men fight/resolve fights a lot differently than women
Recognizing this early on is the key to your sanity women. Believe me…
Men want to find a solution to the problem.
Women want the other person to feel the emotion that is upsetting them.

Example: Hubby hasn't taken out the trash yet and you have only asked him for the eleventybillionth time.
Woman: "You still haven't taken the trash out? What are you doing?"
AKA- If he doesn't listen to me when I ask him to help me around the house, does he listen to me at all?
Man: "Fine I'll take it out now, is that what will make you happy?"
AKA- I'll take the trash out when I have time to take out the trash, right now something going on in my life is a higher priority.
Woman: "No it doesn't make me happy, it's like you don't listen"
AKA- I feel upset because now I don't feel like you listen to me. I want you to understand that I feel this way.
Man: "What do you mean I don't listen? I just took out the trash like you asked me to."
AKA- I did what you asked, I "solved" the problem, so why on Earth would you be upset?

2. Compromise isn't as it sounds
Most couples are taught that compromise is the key. Compromise is often taught that one partner must "heed" to the other at different times to make one another happy…

I'll be the first to tell you, if one person is forced to "heed" to the other, resentment is often dealt with in the end. Just believe me...

In order to prevent the resentment that often follows the above situation, create a new solution all together. This way neither one of you "gets their way", but you settle on something that you can both live with even if it wasn't your first choice.

3. Talk about fighting before you fight
Come up with a plan about how you are going to treat each other when a disagreement arises.
Once Joe and I set these guidelines and expectations of each other when we got into an argument, I now had boundaries that got me into a lot less trouble.

When I would previously "fight", I was the scream, kick, fight, say all kinds of things I would later regret kind of girl. I was irrational, rude and downright dramatic.

Once Joe brought it to my attention that he felt disrespected when I fought that way, I was able to pause, take a deep breath and think before I did or said something irrational.
I also let Joe know that I didn't need him to fix things in the middle of a fight, but instead listen when I was explaining the feelings I was experiencing. This made it to where I felt like he was putting himself in my shoes instead of trying to just patch things over.

I know we will only continue to learn (the hard way) how to co-exist in this crazy world… but for now do you have any tips or tricks for when you fight?

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