//Truth. Our trees are starting to turn as seen above
//Truth. I've been bad at blogging around these parts…which just means I've been having too much fun.
//Truth. I despise shopping at Walmart. But it's cheap and close. Womp.
//Truth. I'm loving these free iPhone wallpapers!
//Truth. I have a hidden Pinterest board filled with baby stuff…I keep it hidden because I don't want someone suddenly thinking I'm pregnant.
//Truth. The beginning of October I'm getting my butt into gear and doing my first "challenge". It's the 21 day fix challenge by Beachbody. I can eat real food…SOLD
//Truth. I'm trying really hard not to decorate for Fall until October for the sheer fact that I'm sad to see Summer go. However, Fall decor and wardrobes are the best so I'm quickly failing.
//Truth. I'm really missing home, and I don't think we will be able to go home until after Christmas.

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  1. I love this time of year, mostly because of the leaves. I'm sorry to hear you can't go home for Christmas, but it's usually pretty beautiful up here if it snows in time!

  2. I'm with you...I'm really not ready for summer to end....or for winter to come for that matter. But I just LOVE fall so much!! It's perfect :)

  3. You will love the 21 day fix! The workouts are awesome and short and the containers are fool proof!! Good luck!

  4. I'm SO ready for fall! This Texas heat has overstayed its welcome...I'm ready for scarf and boots! :) And those iPhone wallpapers make me want to go out and buy an iPhone...almost. Haha. Good luck on your first challenge!! I know you'll rock it.