Lost shaker of salt


If you're reading this…I'm currently in flight to Cancun Mexico with this handsome stud.
 Jimmy Buffet may, or may not be on our Mexico playlist. Making my poppa proud!

Excited would be a definite understatement.
Why are we going to Mexico? To celebrate our second wedding anniversary!

While we are away…
-Check out Southern Sugar, a near and dear blog to me
-Reminisce with us about the best day of our lives.
-Be sure and follow along with us as we soak up the rays in Mexico via Instagram

When we come back…
-Be on the look out for my 21 day fix results and review…if it means anything to you, I'll be in a bikini this week and I'm pretty proud of the results!
-I'll tell you about a new job/opportunity that fell into my lap and I can't be more excited.
-Lots of beach pictures…what more could you ask for?

Hasta la vista!
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  1. I so hope that y'all enjoy every second of this vacation! You deserve it! And happy anniversary!!

  2. Soak up that sun and fun for me. Safe and ridiculously fun travels for you two. Happy anniversary!

  3. Jealous! Have a BIG margarita for me! :) Enjoy every last second. I can't wait for you to get back and to fill us in on all the details!

  4. new job ... whaaa whaatt?! can't wait to hear about it! have fun in the sun you two love birds xo

  5. So lucky that you guys escaped {most of} the crazy weather! Perfect timing!