Metaphorical Whiplash


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Oh dear little blog space of really do get the short end of the stick 9/10 times. I generally come to you frequently when I have a heavy heart, and often times leave you hanging during the pleasant and fast paced parts of life. After venting with a heavy heart, you leave me feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You rejoice with me as we shortly touch on the highs on this roller coaster called life.

Life has been so, so full of both high and heavy times lately.
Lately I feel as if whiplash could easily describe the swing of emotions I've experienced lately.
Sharp, painful, and easily takes your breath away.
The pain eases as kinks get ironed out, but as soon as you make a wrong move the spasms bring back a too easily forgotten pain that burns hot in the present.
All of which, in the metaphorical sense, leaves a girl feeling utterly out of control and powerless.

As pain begins to heal, scabs form a structure tough yet fragile, threatening to expose the raw emotion buried below.
Healing stirs more emotion...a passion born out of the only thing stronger than fear...Hope.
My dear friend Amber has taught me so, so much about hope.

My hope comes a power much larger than I.
My hope comes from a learned peace that I am not in control.
My hope comes from the promise of a future without pain and sickness.
My hope comes from a Man who died for me because of my sin...and shouldn't that be enough?

Where does your hope come from?
I ask for healing thoughts/prayers/vibes etc for a man who is near and dear in my life.
My Dad.
We are hoping for clarity and answers, but learning to settle in the peace that our Hope has given us.

Your "Baby Blue" loves you and I can't wait to be home soon!

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  1. oh my soul. this. just. no, sick dads, just no. so many prayers and pleadings and messy words tangled up in too much emotion for you and your pop and your family and all the doctors and nurses and people who help us when things are tricky and health is scary and we just don't know where to go or look or turn.

    hope is so tricky. especially in the messy shit that is life. but here, this, i hope for you:
    "And this is how Hope remains even after the storm -after divorce, after affairs, after pain and loss and dementia. It is Him who taught Hope to be a survivor, a constant pursuer, a brave and valiant flame flickering even in the wildest of life’s storms. In the way that Christ was not permanently extinguished, so is our hope."

    just a gentle sneak peak for your beautiful soul.

  2. Prayers coming your way, Casey. xo

  3. I just read this again and I'm just hoping and praying for answers and sending my love to you in NY and the rest of the fam in TX! xo

  4. Praying for you and the amazing Freeman family!!