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I've been lucky in the fact that overall I have never struggled with my weight. 
That being said, I no longer have the metabolism of a 17 year old who can eat ice cream and pasta every night without suffering a few consequences. 
Since living in New York, I was able to hide behind the cute baggy sweaters and leggings without noticing the pounds I was quickly accumulating one (nightly) Stewarts ice cream cone at a time. 
A wedding that I was in earlier this year was a huge slap in the face that I had gained some significant weight. After the wedding I looked back at pictures of us on the beach and couldn't believe what I was seeing in the pictures. 
That couldn't be me in a bikini. Sure, I knew I was seriously lacking in the Vitamin D department, but the weight became suddenly apparent.


I never took responsibility for the number on the scale, just chalking it up to a "heavy day".
I continued to consume the calories and easily passed up opportunities to work out. 

Finally at the end of September, I knew I had to own up to the weight and escort it to the door ASAP. 
With a trip to Mexico in the upcoming weeks I knew I needed to make a change if I was to feel comfortable in a bikini come the end of October.
As I faced the scale, I had gained 16 pounds since my wedding two years ago. WOW
To me the number was horrifying, a number I never wanted to see again. 

Before on left  //////////// After on right 

April and I decided to do something for ourselves and we joined the "21 Day Fix" challenge.  
To say it was a success would be an understatement. Over all I lost 8 pounds and 7.5 inches...just in 21 days! 
Best of all? I never felt hungry or like I was going without. 
The whole idea behind this program is food choice, and portion control. Both of which I had been seriously lacking. 
After the 21 days I felt stronger, healthier, and had so much more energy! 

I felt confident going to Mexico and didn't shudder at the fact that I would be in a bikini. 
In Mexico I was very lenient with my food choices, but kept the food portions to the sizes I had learned that my body needed instead of wanted. 
Only a few of the pounds returned, but I'm ready to jump back on the fix wagon and go again to see the results I can manage this time. 
This program is so much more than a fad diet; but instead a lifestyle change that I know will continue to be beneficial. 

Are you interested in finding out more about the 21 day fix? Please think about chatting with my all star coach Nicole to see if your lifestyle could use a fix.
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  1. There is a solid chance I'm going to have to look into this before my trip to Jamaica in February! I'm going to have to do something to get my butt ready for a week in a bathing suit!

  2. I absolutely LOVE 21 Day Fix, and it's a program you can easily continue after the 21 days. I've got to get back on it again. But, friend, you look like a rockstar!

  3. You and Nicole are freaking awesome!! You look amazing!!