Why Two is better than One


To say I wasn't ready to come home from Paradise would be an absolute understatement. Our anniversary week in Riviera Maya was exactly what we needed. We haven't spent that amount of quality time and had that many laughs in far too long. It still shocks me how much we have grown together as one over the past two years.
Joe and I commented at the beginning of the trip that we didn't want to get our hopes up about this vacation, because we were pretty sure our honeymoon to the Bahamas couldn't be beat.

Boy, were we wrong! Throughout our trip we documented multiple occasions why two is always better than one.

1. Where one lacks, the other picks up the slack
This became most evident as we were traveling through the airport. As Joe would guide me through the terminals as I anxiously kept my head down and eyes closed, (remember the travel juju?) he was the calm and got us to each flight in one piece, on time and with all luggage.
My part of the duo was to keep all documents in check, organized and at any grumpy TSA/Customs agent's beckon.

2. Couples Halloween costumes can be expected 
This year we decided to dress up as "Squints and Wendy Peffercorn" from the Sandlot.
Another couple that we met on their wedding day and later one were Main Chief and Cortana from Halo...talk about intense costumes!

3. Two-stepping just can't be without you and me
If you don't know, Joe and I are huge two-stepping fans. Well let me rephrase that. Joe is an amazing two-stepper and I just love being twirled around the dance floor.

4.  Being "NSYNC" doesn't have to be a boy band
Joe and I would often tag team for a lot of things. Saving chairs at the beach while the other selects the next fruity cocktail. And I don't know about you, but I can never apply sunscreen to the middle of my back solo.

Stay tuned for more beach/anniversary details. Most of the above pictures were taken by Mario at Secrets Maroma Beach. Thanks Mario! 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, Casey! I'm so glad that you and Joe were able to reconnect and truly enjoy your anniversary trip! And welcome back! :)


  2. Love, love the pictures! Sounds like you two had a phenomenal time. And though you don't want to be, welcome back :)

  3. What beautiful photos! And I LOVE your Halloween costume ideas!

  4. Love love love the fourth picture down of you two on the beach. Gorgeous! Glad you had such a wonderful time together.

  5. eeekkk I love your pictures - what a great idea especially when you are on vacation alone there can only be so many selfies ;-) also now I want to go on vacation with steven!

  6. You guys are just too cute together... I'm in love with ALL of these photos!!!!

  7. Love it! :) You guys are adorable. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time!

  8. umm LOVE the pictures and YES to all of these!