Meaningful Christmas for your man


I enlisted the help of my better half to bring you last minute gift ideas for the man in your life this Christmas. Joe has always been the best at coming up with meaningful gifts for the people in his life, so today he is here to help you win over your man's heart with simple thoughtful gifts that mean the most this Christmas.

  • Those Mushy Coupons//  Yes they work, but gear them towards you man's favorite activities. Example: Casey doesn't always enjoy eating at the Cheesecake Factory or giving back rubs, but the fact that she will go out of her way to give me those in the form of a "coupon" always makes me smile. Oh and PG-13 things work well too..
  • Supporting His Hobbies// Has he been eying a new fishing lure, DVD or Xbox game? Even better, jump in while he is playing a video game. You may not be great at it, but the fact that you are showing you support your man gives us the "feel goods".
  • A Weekend Getaway// You gals are always the greatest at planning getaways. Why not plan one, put it in writing and surprise your man. A gift that he will look forward to throughout the upcoming months. 
  • Favorite Dessert// Casey knows the key to my heart is often though my sweet tooth. Bake your man his favorite dessert because you could never go wrong with sweets. One word LemonRaspberryCheesecake 
  • Simply Love Him// Relationships can be hard work. Praying for your significant other is always a key to a successful relationship/marriage. This is a great article Casey has shown me before. Don't try and fix him, love him.

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