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Happy Monday to you all!

As today is technically my Saturday (worked Thursday-Sunday last week) I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds lately whether blogging, pinterest or shopping related.
A girl gets to peruse while hanging out in bed still right?

Before I go and gush on everyone and everything I've been obsessing over lately, I wanted to share with you my newest DIY.
It combines my love for succulents and geometric shapes. What do you think?

Cue the recent obsessions.

For my walls:
These two gems would definitely spruce up any gallery wall. Loving all things black and white along with clean lines. 
|| C H E A P || F R E E ||

Next up DIY:
Another great and larger edition to a gallery wall....hmmm one would think I was interested in a gallery wall.
|| W A L L  H A N G I N G ||

Blog crush:
Ive recently been stalking crushing on Sugar and Cloth
Her more recent floral DIY gives me heart eyes for days.
|| S & C ||

Joe's favorite meal as of late:
Million Dollar Pasta is the name of his game...definition? Extremely unhealthy carb loaded casserole magic.
|| R E C I P E ||

My favorite meal as of late
Siracha Ramen with soft boiled eggs...seriously I have made this twice this week. 
Its a delicious spin to the monotonous soup season that is winter around these parts. 
Just speaking of it's magic makes crave it right now.
A word of the wise, when attempting the soft boiled egg recipe, follow it exactly. 
I have made 4 of these babies and haven't messed one up yet.
|| R A M E N || E G G S||

Blog Design
Theres a reason I had the fabulous Brooks create my blog design...check out her new work.
Brilliant my friend, brilliant!
|| B R O O K S ||

New Albany Find:
I just so happened to stumble upon an amazingly quaint "General Store" called Fort Orange. 
I was shocked Albany housed such a gem. 
I suppose I have turned into quite a Troy snob I guess. Oh how many people would snort laugh in my face if they heard that out loud.
|| F O R T  O R A N G E ||

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  1. That geometric plant setup has me all googly eyed! LOVE!!!

  2. I'm crediting you with my new found love for geometric things. Seriously, I never liked them until you came along! Thank you for the sweet shout out, I wish I could claim I designed it, but I am in love with my new look.

  3. 1. I'm digging that new succulent & planter! Teach me your ways.
    2. That ramen though.. yum! I must try it!
    3. 47 days until you're here!!
    Love you my little Troy snob ;)

  4. Loooove the planter! Promise me you'll teach me your ways the next time we're together!!