A letter on growing old


My dear Joseph,

Since our beginning, together we have learned that time is temporary. We have lived through the highs which never remain high, and lived amongst the lows that eventually fade. We have learned that both of us often have fears directly related to time. Often not enough moments, or moments taken away far too soon.

When we met we were just young babes. Not quite aware the consequences of time would have on us. We would easily lie around and day dream of the days to come, a future which promised to be better than the present. And as the days pass, you and I learn that slowing down in life is much more fruitful.  Even though I still cannot predict the fate that time has for us, I know that its much better when it's slower and grasped tightly.

As I think of time passing throughout our lives as one, I often think of your strong hardworking hands. They are hands that are ever changing in experience, wisdom and features. Your hands can always tell me a story of time. When you're nervous your hands are folded into one another, almost attempting to hide. The nails on your fingers bit too short as something eats away at your nerves and inner peace. When confident and proud, your hands animate and help you compose a story. When at peace your hands are warm, comforting and always near mine.

As time passes, our hands together, will build a lifetime. I will watch as your hands negotiate for our first home, pave the way for your career, and as they hold our first born. Those same hands will also hold me close through times of loss and hardship while wiping away the tears that time often promises. When your hands wrinkle with the passing days, they will always be a source of comfort and mine for yours.

As I've told you time, and time again I fear the day where time leaves me without you. And you also know I pray that whatever may come through the years, we will endure all of time together, both on this Earth and beyond.

To say my moments with you are long enough, could never be true.

All my love,
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Thankful for Amber to bringing me back to my writing space through a letter which is intended to capture life's moments.
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  1. Casey, this letter left a lump in my throat. You are SUCH a sweet wife. The love you have for that husband of yours is incredible...I'm so insanely happy for you. Time will always go on, so its best spent with those we love most!

  2. this. i'm in love with it. there's something about hands that just grab me (not literally) because they do SO much for us and through us and with us. i guess, that's in the same way that our sweet husbands do too. i missed you and i'm thankful you're back (even if intermittently).

  3. This is so very beautiful! Next time I grasp my husband's hands, I'll think of all of the things he does for me, for us, and how grateful I am for those hands.