Solidify your roots


Has it really been two months since I've filled this space with thoughts? I would write you a long winded apology, but I haven't missed this space until recently. I have had multiple people ask about this space lately, and all I have chalked it up to is my life is rather mundane. After making such comments I was rather bummed at the thought of being boring while our space could still be considered uncharted. But then I thought, at this point in our time in New York, it's not all about seeking out the new, but fitting into the spaces our roots have planted themselves. Time and time again I have compared our adventure to that of a plant which was meek at first, but solidifying it's roots after the frightening transplant. I digress...

Back to that apology thing. So as this space has become a (rather public) therapeutic source, you may feel as if content may wax and wane. Still not enough Casey in your life? Follow along on instagram where you will find my daily, not so deep and cumbersome, musings.

I do however owe you an explanation/update on all the florals and my little corner of the world wide web which showcases all that has brought me joy lately! But more on that in another post.

And if you're reading this, I thank you for sticking around!

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