Floral + Friday | hand-tied bouquet


Welcome back to Floral + Friday!

Todays piece is a simple hand-tied bouquet. This was my first homework assignment for my floral class I took early this year.

A hand-tied bouquet is a traditional English bouquet, which if designed correctly, will stand alone after the design is complete. 
I absolutely love the romantic lines of an hand-tied bouquet's stems, but it is actually much more difficult to obtain those perfect lines than I had imagined. In this assignment we were encouraged to design out of our comfort zones when it came to color. The hardest part was imagining a romantic bouquet coming out of such harsh contrasting colors. 

You will learn my style is full of muted pastels, creams and greens. The blues, reds, and oranges made me squirm, but I was pleased with how they complimented each other in this hand-tied. 

Included in this bouquet are:
|| garden rose
|| daffodil
|| iris
|| alstromeria 
|| green hypericum
|| tulip
|| deep red ranunculus
|| lemon leaf
|| yellow solidago 


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Come boldly


Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace in time of need 
Hebrews 14:16

One of the easiest ways for me to feel connected to my faith and really engage is through fellowship, specifically in the form of music. I don't think there is often a time where I don't have a song stuck in my head. Really it can be any song, but theres always one. Today I woke up and had one of worship song from church stuck in my head. After the fifth or so time of singing it out loud (if you know me you know I do this at all time) the words hit me. 

|| Come boldly to the throne of grace, 
ye wretched sinners come 
and lay your load at Jesus' feet
and plead what he has done ||

I stopped and thought, heck wretched sinner...that has me written all over it. I'm a broken person who is impatient, prideful, controlling and filled with sin of this world. 
I rely too heavily on the thoughts of others,  as if they define me.
I have somehow placed unattainable expectations on myself, as if only perfection is acceptable. I struggle with contentment, so much that it brings me anxiety. 
Sometimes I look at my prayer journal and am ashamed for how many things I ask for instead of being thankful for everything that I already have. 

|| He makes the dead to hear his voice;
He makes the blind to see;
The sinner lost he came to save,
And set the prisoner free ||
The Lord will take you in ||

So whats a girl supposed to do? Well taking lead from the beautiful Jason Waller cover, I am choosing to come boldly, without hesitation, broken and humbly, to His unrelenting mercies and grace. 
Even though I make it all about me, Jesus sits back and with open arms, says "come to me in your time of need". If there is one attribute from this song I would like to embody, it would be to attempt to give such grace to those people in my life.  

|| Poor bankrupt souls,who feel and know
The hell of sin within,Come boldly to the throne of grace;
The Lord will take you in ||

I also thought it was so appropriate that this week the #morethanaframe prompt is "bold". Wont you show others how bold you are? I'm rooting for you!

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God works in so many mysterious ways and I truly hate that each time I am amazed by His graces. Silly right? As I have said before, humility is one large lesson I have been studying in 2015. I have stumbled through the course work, and finally, towards the end of the semester, have finally grasped what exactly I am learning.

Ugh just using that metaphor makes me realize I am so glad I am no longer in school! Although now, I'm sort of a teacher in the sense of following semesters. I digress...

Since we have moved here (going on three years) we have always had getting back to Texas on our minds. Because it has always been something we must get back to, it could often hinder soaking in the richness of upstate New York. God clearly showed us this year that Texas wasn't in the cards quite yet...if at all. Gasp!
A lot of people ask me, well how did you know that God was closing those doors?

Lets just say that any door that appeared to be the slightest bit ajar for Joe and I, was actually locked or slammed shut in our faces. Sorry for the overuse of metaphors already, although my high school english teacher would be proud.

Each time a door shut, I became anxious. I was worried we were letting people down, or even worse losing time. Come to find out, those doors weren't for our story. And they were actually never ours to believe were open in the first place. How did I come to such revelation?

Towards the end of March, I told Joe that the constant up and down and constant changing of plans was really preventing me from enjoying the present. We agreed to cut out the incessant planning on our part and pray for peace that our hearts would be ok that our story was stagnant and unknown.
And you know what? Peace is exactly what we got. We stopped creating timelines and started living in the moment.

There are still moments where we have to remind ourselves to consult God in our planning and fully give it to Him, instead of attempting to pry our own doors open.
Even now, reorganization is a term our afterwork discussions always include, but we are trying to follow instead of lead. Do you struggle with following?

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floral + friday | tussie mussie


Todays floral friday piece is the tussie mussie. 
The tussie mussie is a custom from the 1400's, meaning a small bunch of flowers or arranged herbs. Instead of wearing a corsage at our wedding, my mom and (now) mother-in-law carried tussie mussies. I loved this alternative tradition for our wedding as it was something more that our mom's were able to keep.

This tussie mussie is comprised of
|| white and light pink ranunculus 
|| freesia 
|| israeli ruscus
|| white standard roses
|| wax flower

When I first came across wax flower, I thought it was just a basic filler flower. Now that I have worked with it multiple times, it is a great small statement piece with the most fragrant citrus smell. Because wax flower is the flowering from a shrub, the blooms tend to last a will as fresh cut stems. 

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Mrs Laura Beth takes NY


So here are the basics.

How long have you been dating friends? April 2013
Where did you meet? On the WWW (insert stunned gasp here)
What sparked your relationship? We met via a button swap (So 2013? Just kidding!) and I remember being interested in the fact that her husband is a farmer. Not the wearing a pair of overalls with a corn stalk in his mouth kind, but a REAL farmer of soybeans, corn and cattle...Oh my!
What fed the flame? We have a lot of things in common and I generally just enjoyed her style of writing, and her knack for all things creative, not to mention she's a rocking photographer.
Your lives seem to be complete opposites? No actually, even though her and her husband have a much different career path than Joe and I, it seems that is the only difference. When we met, we were both newlyweds (I think we still are?) who were trying to figure out marriage while remaining God fearing women at the same time. Oh and we both love wine...LOVE.
First time actually meeting? October, 2015
Was it awkward? It was the farthest thing from it! Laura and her sister Erika are two precious souls who we had the privilege of housing for two days. We laughed, talked (deep), ate, drank (wine of course) and fellowshipped together. Never once was there an awkward vibe, and honestly I wasn't worried about it, that is just how great Laura is. The conversations were fruitful, the friendship grown thicker and community stronger.

I encourage you to stop by Laura's spaces to say hello as well as see what an amazing woman she is! Thankful for her!

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Who is responsible for your happiness?


Last week I told you that I have learned a few fine lessons on humility this past year. Now I want to tell you that these lessons were incredibly beneficial and ones that I needed. In no way, shape or form am I looking for you to sympathize or feel like I am discontent. That is not the case at all, as I am thankful for this learning.

The reason I want to share these stories with you is because the support from this community is so incredibly uplifting and I hope I can help someone relate. I have been overwhelmed with support, and I thank you for that!

I wanted to take a minute to share what I have learned about marriage in 2015. As Joe and I are a little over two weeks away from our third wedding anniversary, I learn something more about him and our relationship daily. I've learned that marriage can be messy but also one of the most rewarding relationships.

But first I will warn you of the pit fall I drunk girl stumbled into over the course of these three years. The pit fall is thinking that your spouse or your significant other is responsible for bringing you happiness. All. The. Time. If Joe told me that he expected me to be the source of his complete happiness, I would probably laugh and then feel incredibly overwhelmed.
So why was I doing this to him?

Sure I always respected that he may have his off days, but at the end of mine, I always looked to Joe to make me happy. Does this resonate with you?

There are periods of time when Joe and I have great chemistry, are on the same page, and have a blast just doing life together. But then there are times where we can be tense, out of sync and easily irritable. When I say we, I feel like I mostly mean me...yikes.
When we get out of sync, I feel like I look to Joe to "fix it".
Unfortunately each time, I'm surprised when that doesn't happen...ridiculous right? We are a unit, and one that can only function as one when we both put in the effort.

Plain and simple, this year I have learned that Joe is not responsible for my happiness. But when we place God in the center of our marriage, we understand that He is the only perfect one. He is also the only one who should bring us happiness...now chew on that!

I did not come upon this conclusion on my own but was dumbfounded when I saw a simple Pinterest post that spoke volumes in just a few short words.

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Floral + Friday | Ranunculus


I haven't divulged much about my most recent obsession hobby dream lately, but I've decided to devote an entire day of the week to it. I have always loved florals and the creativity of design. In college I would spend my Saturday's working in a flower studio, dreaming all the floral filled dreams.

Over the years I have always loved to design small arrangements for simple occasions, until I was asked to do a HUGE occasion. In May, one of my friends asked me to design the florals for her wedding. All the way from bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres to arbor decor. At first I was overwhelmed but so flattered. As the months went by, I was busy researching the proper stem count, taking arrangement design courses, and deciding which stems were the biggest bang for the bride's buck.

Even though the task was a challenge, it was one of the most rewarding and one that didn't bring worry and anxiety. This monumental task made me happy, and I felt accomplished at the end. I was actually able to say "I love doing this". And thus a dream took off, and she's called Simply Chemistry.

Even though we are still very much in the small stages, the brainstorming and compiling of tax documents, Simply Chemistry is becoming tangible. It's something that I can't wait to share with you!

Each Friday I will showcase a design which you may have seen via Simply Chemistry. As well as flooding this space with blooms, I hope to educate you on the stems included in the design piece.

The above picture is a chemistry themed shoot starring the stunning white ranunculus.
Ranunculus have beautiful crepe-paper like petals, which can often mimic a smaller version peony, on a much smaller budget. Because ranunculus are cool season bloomers, they make the perfect addition to an early summer wedding. My favorite is the delicate "elegance white variety" which can be seen above.
I hope you enjoy, and will continue to join me each Friday!

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Who helps you thrive?


Emotion, in the heat of things is so very raw.
Anger is heavy, explosive and searing, anxiety is hollow, cold and far too quiet. Happiness is lightweight, warm and contagious. Sadness is slow, burdensome and painful. Want is burning, motivating and consuming. Fear is irrational, deceitful and isolating.

Emotion is meant to be shared, celebrated, off loaded, cherished, endured, digested and conquered.

When learning to be humble over the past year, I have felt all of these things. There are times where I wish I didn't have to feel all the feels. An amazing person reminded me lately that it's ok to feel. Without the feels we wouldn't process the reward of our labors, trials and successes.

Thats where community comes in. I have thrown around that word so many times and I wanted to define more of this "thing" that carries me daily.

My community is my family, 1700 and then some miles away. There are 8 of us who share a group text together, and it seriously gives me so much joy that technology can connect us in an instant.

My community is my friends who come in all shapes and sizes, and walks of life.
//They are the friends I have held onto over the decades, who even though we haven't chatted regularly, the relationship remains unchanged.
//They are the friends I have met through our amazing church here in New York. These women (and men) have changed my life in so many more ways than I could have ever hoped for. They have been the most important part of my spiritual growth.
//They are friends who I have met at work and literally worked in the trenches with. There is something about the nursing community that brings a group of, albeit crazy, individuals together.

My community is found right here in this space, in the honesty and devotion of your comments, your texts, tweets, snapchats etc. They are my fuel and what I'm trying to say is thank you! I finally met a blog friend for the first time in real life after knowing each other for about 2.5 years...yes gasp! Because its a friendship that grew out of commonalities, it will be one that lasts forever, and I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Who is your community and do they help you thrive? If not, are they truly community?

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A lesson in humility


So let's be honest, my lackluster posts as of late (hah what posts right?) could be described as filler, brought on by my own self guilt. Guilt from not keeping up with this space; guilt that I thought my life wasn't "interesting" enough to document.

The truth is, I wanted this year to be great exactly what I wanted it to be. I wanted to be "happy" through gratification of others based on my successes in life. Have you ever felt that way? Want something to be great based on the reactions received from others?

// I wanted to be pregnant, announce it in a cute way and produce the cutest 1/4 Persian babies you've ever seen.
// I wanted to move back to Texas, buy our first home and be close to family. You know, those babies would need grandparents!
// I wanted to get away from my current job, as what I loved had become an extreme source of anxiety, and most importantly unsafe. In my mind moving would be the answer and my dream job would become a reality.
// I wanted the perfect marriage, and I wanted happiness as the result of my marriage.

To say that 2015 has been less than expected would be an understatement. At the end of this summer I finally threw up my hands and (once again) decided to relent and give it to God.  Looking back, I'm almost embarrassed. How selfish, and faithless I was. I was the toddler in the corner, pouting because I didn't get my way. I was disappointed that my idea of happiness wasn't becoming a reality in the duration of a year. A year? Really? As if all of those life changes could be expected in 12 short little months...

I will be the first to tell you, my life is not suddenly celebrity worthy. And no, I am not pregnant, moving to Texas, have my dream job or a blissfully perfect marriage. Are you surprised? Hah why didn't you tell me?

Instead, I'm embracing my community and the happiness that I have been given, rather than created on my own. As the end of 2015 is just around the corner, what did I learn? I learned that I cannot compare, I cannot control and most importantly I must remain content, faithful and thankful.

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