God works in so many mysterious ways and I truly hate that each time I am amazed by His graces. Silly right? As I have said before, humility is one large lesson I have been studying in 2015. I have stumbled through the course work, and finally, towards the end of the semester, have finally grasped what exactly I am learning.

Ugh just using that metaphor makes me realize I am so glad I am no longer in school! Although now, I'm sort of a teacher in the sense of following semesters. I digress...

Since we have moved here (going on three years) we have always had getting back to Texas on our minds. Because it has always been something we must get back to, it could often hinder soaking in the richness of upstate New York. God clearly showed us this year that Texas wasn't in the cards quite yet...if at all. Gasp!
A lot of people ask me, well how did you know that God was closing those doors?

Lets just say that any door that appeared to be the slightest bit ajar for Joe and I, was actually locked or slammed shut in our faces. Sorry for the overuse of metaphors already, although my high school english teacher would be proud.

Each time a door shut, I became anxious. I was worried we were letting people down, or even worse losing time. Come to find out, those doors weren't for our story. And they were actually never ours to believe were open in the first place. How did I come to such revelation?

Towards the end of March, I told Joe that the constant up and down and constant changing of plans was really preventing me from enjoying the present. We agreed to cut out the incessant planning on our part and pray for peace that our hearts would be ok that our story was stagnant and unknown.
And you know what? Peace is exactly what we got. We stopped creating timelines and started living in the moment.

There are still moments where we have to remind ourselves to consult God in our planning and fully give it to Him, instead of attempting to pry our own doors open.
Even now, reorganization is a term our afterwork discussions always include, but we are trying to follow instead of lead. Do you struggle with following?

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  1. hmmm, do I have trouble with following? well you know that post about patience I just wrote? turns out that means I'm also really bad at waiting for God to lead me. you'd think that at this point I'd be like, oh hey You've done a great job so far God, I'll keep letting you drive, but no. in all seriousness, this is a great way to frame everything, and the door metaphor is perfect...slamming doors, that's exactly what it can feel like. you keep on keeping on girl.

  2. I love this post!!! I have been learning this concept as well. Every time I make a plan, it gets thrown completely out of whack. I just have to remember that a higher power has a better plan for me and if I trust, things will go exactly how they're supposed to.

  3. "The constant up and down and constant changing of plans was really preventing me from enjoying the present." YES! This has been my life for the past two months and it was literally driving me insane. Turning it over to God and knowing it will all work out in His time brings such peace and serenity.

  4. Gosh I just relate to this so much. I have so much trouble living in the now but you are right: when we plan for the future we lose all the joy happening in the present.