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Welcome back to Floral + Friday!

Todays piece is a simple hand-tied bouquet. This was my first homework assignment for my floral class I took early this year.

A hand-tied bouquet is a traditional English bouquet, which if designed correctly, will stand alone after the design is complete. 
I absolutely love the romantic lines of an hand-tied bouquet's stems, but it is actually much more difficult to obtain those perfect lines than I had imagined. In this assignment we were encouraged to design out of our comfort zones when it came to color. The hardest part was imagining a romantic bouquet coming out of such harsh contrasting colors. 

You will learn my style is full of muted pastels, creams and greens. The blues, reds, and oranges made me squirm, but I was pleased with how they complimented each other in this hand-tied. 

Included in this bouquet are:
|| garden rose
|| daffodil
|| iris
|| alstromeria 
|| green hypericum
|| tulip
|| deep red ranunculus
|| lemon leaf
|| yellow solidago 


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