floral + friday | tussie mussie


Todays floral friday piece is the tussie mussie. 
The tussie mussie is a custom from the 1400's, meaning a small bunch of flowers or arranged herbs. Instead of wearing a corsage at our wedding, my mom and (now) mother-in-law carried tussie mussies. I loved this alternative tradition for our wedding as it was something more that our mom's were able to keep.

This tussie mussie is comprised of
|| white and light pink ranunculus 
|| freesia 
|| israeli ruscus
|| white standard roses
|| wax flower

When I first came across wax flower, I thought it was just a basic filler flower. Now that I have worked with it multiple times, it is a great small statement piece with the most fragrant citrus smell. Because wax flower is the flowering from a shrub, the blooms tend to last a will as fresh cut stems. 

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  1. I fell in love with this when you posted it on IG a while back - such a pretty arrangement!! plus ranunculus are winning over my heart lately ;-)