Mrs Laura Beth takes NY


So here are the basics.

How long have you been dating friends? April 2013
Where did you meet? On the WWW (insert stunned gasp here)
What sparked your relationship? We met via a button swap (So 2013? Just kidding!) and I remember being interested in the fact that her husband is a farmer. Not the wearing a pair of overalls with a corn stalk in his mouth kind, but a REAL farmer of soybeans, corn and cattle...Oh my!
What fed the flame? We have a lot of things in common and I generally just enjoyed her style of writing, and her knack for all things creative, not to mention she's a rocking photographer.
Your lives seem to be complete opposites? No actually, even though her and her husband have a much different career path than Joe and I, it seems that is the only difference. When we met, we were both newlyweds (I think we still are?) who were trying to figure out marriage while remaining God fearing women at the same time. Oh and we both love wine...LOVE.
First time actually meeting? October, 2015
Was it awkward? It was the farthest thing from it! Laura and her sister Erika are two precious souls who we had the privilege of housing for two days. We laughed, talked (deep), ate, drank (wine of course) and fellowshipped together. Never once was there an awkward vibe, and honestly I wasn't worried about it, that is just how great Laura is. The conversations were fruitful, the friendship grown thicker and community stronger.

I encourage you to stop by Laura's spaces to say hello as well as see what an amazing woman she is! Thankful for her!

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  1. well that's just freaking adorable. love me some mrs. laura beth. remind me to tell you about the time my daughter explosively pooped all over her lap...

  2. *all the heart eyes* xoxo
    why is NY so far from ND?! :-(

  3. I'm so glad y'all had a fabulous time! I absolutely love stories like these and am planning to meet a very close blog friend in real life in December! It's so exciting and I can't wait! I love how close you and LB are - so sweet and so amazing. I just love the blogging community!